Apple Watch Ultra 2 Three upgrade-worthy features

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Three upgrade-worthy features

The Apple Watch Ultra: What Could Make Me Upgrade?

Apple Watch Ultra

For the past eight years, I have been an avid purchaser of the latest Apple Watch models. However, my curiosity often led me to switch to a longer-lasting and more rugged GPS sports watch shortly after. There was one exception though, when I bought the Apple Watch Ultra last year, and it quickly became my faithful companion during a Tough Mudder event and beyond.

The Apple Watch Ultra is undeniably the most feature-rich wearable ever released by Apple, and the constant software updates have kept it on my wrist for most of the year. But, with rumors swirling about its potential successor set to debut at Apple’s upcoming “Wonderlust” event, I can’t help but have my eyes peeled for what might be in store. While a new color and slightly improved processor may not be enough to sway me, there are three key features that would definitely make me consider an upgrade.

1. LED Flashlight: Shedding Some Light on the Apple Watch

LED flashlight

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my love for the LED flashlight, or “Torch,” on various Garmin GPS sports watches. Garmin has consistently included this feature in its latest models, and it has become an indispensable tool in my daily life. Unfortunately, the current flashlight function on the Apple Watch Ultra simply turns the display bright white, making it less effective than a dedicated LED light.

If Apple were to add a proper LED flashlight to their next iteration of the Apple Watch, I would jump at the chance to upgrade. Having this feature alone would significantly enhance the usefulness and versatility of the device, making it a more reliable tool in both work and travel situations.

2. Satellite SOS: Safety in the Great Outdoors

Satellite SOS

Outdoor adventurers rely on their gear for safety, especially when venturing into remote areas. Last year, Apple introduced emergency SOS via satellite with the iPhone 14 models. As other manufacturers, such as Garmin, have incorporated satellite connectivity into their handheld devices, it would be a great addition to see the same feature on the Apple Watch Ultra.

A basic level of satellite connectivity would provide peace of mind to those who choose to leave their phones behind while engaging in activities like trail running, hiking, or skiing. This feature would ensure that help is just a touch away, even in the most remote locations.

3. More Fitness Metrics: Going Beyond the Basics

Fitness metrics

While the Apple Watch Ultra is undoubtedly one of the best smartwatches on the market, it still falls short in terms of advanced health and training metrics compared to dedicated sports watches like Garmin. As someone who values these metrics for daily training and recovery, I continue to wear a Garmin sports watch alongside my Apple Watch Ultra.

Metrics like VO2 Max, training status, HRV status, and endurance score offer valuable insights that can guide fitness goals and optimize performance. Although third-party applications and services exist to fill this gap, having these metrics readily available as quick tiles on the Apple Watch would eliminate the need for additional devices and simplify the user experience.

Bonus: Camera via Watch or Band


Lastly, while it may be a feature that is currently out of reach, the idea of a camera integrated into the Apple Watch Ultra is too exciting to ignore. With its large display, integrated cellular connectivity, and powerful applications, the Apple Watch Ultra is already a great companion for long runs, hikes, and other adventures where carrying a phone might be impractical.

During my monthly business trips, I often use running as a way to explore new surroundings and capture quick photos to share with my family. While there are existing options like the Wristcam band accessory, having an integrated camera in the Apple Watch itself or in a custom watch band would be a game-changer. Apple’s ability to take existing good ideas and improve upon them leaves me hopeful for the future.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch Ultra has been a stellar companion, but there are a few features that could make me consider an upgrade. The inclusion of an LED flashlight, satellite SOS capabilities, and advanced fitness metrics would greatly enhance the functionality and appeal of the next Apple Watch. And who knows, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, we might even see a built-in camera as a part of this impressive wearable.