Apple showcases developers’ astonishment at Vision Pro Labs.

Apple showcases developers' astonishment at Vision Pro Labs.

Apple’s Vision Pro Developer Labs: A Glimpse into the Future of Spatial Computing

Vision Pro Lab

Apple has been paving the way for the future of spatial computing with its highly anticipated Vision Pro headset. To provide developers with a firsthand experience of this innovative technology, Apple introduced the Vision Pro developer labs. These labs, hosted in multiple locations around the world including Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo, offer developers the opportunity to test and optimize their apps on visionOS. Apple employees are also present to assist with setup and troubleshooting.

“I’d been staring at this thing in the simulator for weeks and getting a general sense of how it works, but that was in a box,” shared David Smith, the developer of the popular Widgetsmith app. “The first time you see your own app running for real, that’s when you get the audible gasp.”

The Vision Pro labs have become a proving ground for spatial computing, as described by Michael Simmons, developer of Fantastical and Cardhop. The labs not only validate the designs that developers have been envisioning but also encourage them to think beyond traditional borders. Simmons stated, “Experiencing spatial computing not only validated the designs we’d been thinking about — it helped us start thinking not just about left to right or up and down, but beyond borders at all.”

To participate in the Vision Pro labs, any Apple developer who is at least 18 years old can apply for free on Apple’s website. Additional dates for the labs will be added through late September, depending on the location. While priority is given to developers building apps specifically optimized for the Vision Pro, developers with new visionOS apps in active development or existing iPadOS or iOS apps are also eligible to apply.

While the enthusiasm for these labs continues to grow, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that the labs had initially seen smaller numbers of developers in attendance. However, as word spreads and interest increases, more developers are expected to take advantage of this opportunity. It is worth noting that no labs are available on the East Coast of the U.S., and developers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Apple has announced that the Vision Pro headset will officially launch in the U.S. in early 2024, with availability in additional countries later that year. This eagerly anticipated device will come with a price tag of $3,499.

As we eagerly await the launch of the Vision Pro, the developer labs provide an exciting glimpse into the possibilities offered by spatial computing. With developers having the chance to test and optimize their apps for this groundbreaking technology, we can only imagine the incredible experiences that await us in the near future.