Apple relocated the ‘end call’ button in iOS 17.

Apple relocated the 'end call' button in iOS 17.

Say Goodbye to the Old iPhone Call Screen: A Slightly Annoying Change

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Phone calls on iPhones are about to get slightly more annoying. If you thought that the minute details of your smartphone couldn’t get more interesting, well, think again. Apple has decided to shake things up by moving the button that ends phone calls to the bottom right corner of the screen during an active phone call in iOS 17. Brace yourselves for a groundbreaking alteration. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the end call button will now have company!

By “slightly,” I mean very slightly. Apple’s bold move involves relocating the end call button from its comfortable position in the bottom center portion of the screen, where it resided for many years, to a new spot next to all the other buttons like mute, audio output selection, and more. This move has raised a few eyebrows and left us wondering: Why, Apple, why?

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This change might not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things. After all, it’s just a button. But let’s face it, the old format worked perfectly fine. The end call button was easy to access but hard to hit accidentally. It was given an appropriate amount of space, considering its importance in the realm of phone calls. But now, everything is sort of thrown together at the bottom, while the middle of the call screen is conspicuously empty.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “It’s just a button, get over it!” And you’re absolutely right. In the grand scheme of life, this is a minor inconvenience at best. We’ll all adapt and get used to it within six months, as we have with countless other tweaks and changes. But come on, Apple, can’t we keep the tried and true just a little bit longer?

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In the world of technology and innovation, change is inevitable. Companies like Apple are constantly striving to improve the user experience and find new ways to enhance our daily interactions with their devices. Sometimes these changes are met with excitement and anticipation, while other times they leave us scratching our heads in confusion. The relocation of the end call button falls into the latter category.

But hey, maybe there’s a method to Apple’s madness. Perhaps they have some groundbreaking feature planned for the call screen that will make us forget all about the inconvenience of its new layout. Time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s embrace this change with open arms (and slightly gritted teeth). After all, life is full of surprises, both big and small. And who knows, maybe we’ll look back on this moment and laugh, remembering how we made a fuss over a mere button on our beloved iPhones.