Apple releases tvOS 17 beta 7 to developers

Apple releases tvOS 17 beta 7 to developers

Apple Introduces tvOS 17 Beta: Bringing FaceTime to the Big Screen

Apple TV 4K


Apple has recently released the seventh beta of the highly anticipated tvOS 17 update, bringing with it a host of exciting new features and improvements. While tvOS updates often fly under the radar compared to their iOS and macOS counterparts, this release is set to change that perception by introducing FaceTime to the television screen for the first time. In this article, we will delve deeper into the highlights of tvOS 17, its innovative capabilities, and the enhanced user experience it brings to the Apple TV.

FaceTime on the Apple TV

The most noteworthy addition in tvOS 17 is the integration of FaceTime, Apple’s popular video calling service. With this update, the Apple TV 4K can now connect to an iPhone or iPad acting as the camera, thereby enabling users to enjoy FaceTime conversations on the big screen. This enhanced interface allows for seamless video communication while providing an immersive experience through the larger TV display.

All the familiar FaceTime features are available on the Apple TV, including the popular Center Stage feature, which ensures that users stay in the frame even as they move around. Furthermore, Apple has introduced new gesture-based reactions that allow users to generate on-screen effects using hand movements. For instance, creating a heart shape with your hands will cause hearts to appear on the screen, adding a touch of fun and interactivity to the video call experience.

Enhanced Sharing with Split View and SharePlay

To enhance the social experience on Apple TV, tvOS 17 introduces Split View, a feature that enables users to watch television with friends and family through SharePlay. This functionality extends beyond Apple’s native apps, with third-party applications like Zoom also being able to take advantage of the feature. It opens up new opportunities for collaborative viewing, creating shared moments even when physically apart.

In addition to Split View, tvOS 17 incorporates improved call transfer capabilities between the TV and an iPhone or iPad. This means users can seamlessly shift their ongoing FaceTime conversations from one device to another without interruption, ensuring that they never miss a moment.

Streamlined User Interface

Apple has revamped the Control Center on Apple TV with tvOS 17, making it easier for users to access key settings and information. The redesigned interface provides a more intuitive experience, allowing users to effortlessly manage various aspects of their Apple TV. Additionally, a new feature has been introduced that enables users to locate a misplaced Siri Remote using their iPhone – a convenient addition for those moments when the remote seems to have found its way into the couch cushions.

Additional Features and Enhancements

Apart from the major additions, tvOS 17 also brings several smaller yet significant improvements. This includes an expanded selection of aerial screensavers, adding visual beauty to the TV when in standby mode. Furthermore, the update adds support for third-party VPN apps, granting users more flexibility in securing their connection while enjoying their favorite streaming content. Dolby Vision 8.1 is also introduced on compatible devices, enhancing the visual experience for those with the necessary hardware.


With the release of tvOS 17, Apple is bringing FaceTime to the TV screen, offering users a greater level of connectivity and convenience. With its integration of popular features like Center Stage and gesture-based reactions, Apple has made video calling more engaging and interactive. Additionally, features like Split View and SharePlay pave the way for shared experiences and collaborative viewing, building stronger connections with loved ones. The revamped Control Center and other enhancements further streamline the user experience, complemented by new screensavers, enhanced VPN support, and advanced Dolby Vision capabilities. It is evident that Apple is committed to continuously improving the TV experience and providing its users with a truly immersive and enjoyable entertainment platform.

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