Apple preparing for Vision Pro Developer Kits launch

Apple preparing for Vision Pro Developer Kits launch

Apple Prepares Developers for the Launch of Apple Vision Pro Headset

Apple Vision Pro

Apple is set to take the world of augmented reality by storm with its upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset. The company has been actively working behind the scenes to provide developers with the necessary tools and resources to create immersive apps and experiences for the headset. In a recent development, Apple has released new backend assets for the Vision Pro, including code for updating the battery pack that powers the device.

Interestingly, Apple has introduced three different model numbers for the Vision Pro batteries: A2781, A2988, and A2697. While Apple has only announced a two-hour battery life for the device, the presence of multiple model numbers suggests that there might be multiple battery packs in development or additional battery options specifically for testing purposes in Apple Stores.

The code additions and backend assets come just before Apple’s planned introduction of developer kits for the Vision Pro. Apple’s developer website states that it intends to roll out the Apple Vision Pro developer kits and other developer tools starting in July, leaving developers with less than two weeks to wait. These developer kits will be vital in helping developers bring their creations to life directly on the Vision Pro headset. Apple promises to provide the necessary tools for developers to quickly build, iterate, and test apps specifically designed for the headset.

It is worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Apple has offered developer kits ahead of a major product launch. In 2020, Apple provided developers with a Mac mini powered by its own A-series chip, allowing them to transition from Intel to Apple silicon. Similarly, the Apple Vision Pro developer kits will likely come with a price tag.

Aside from providing developer kits, Apple also plans to offer compatibility evaluations for existing apps to ensure they are optimized for the Vision Pro. Additionally, developers will have the opportunity to visit Vision Pro developer labs in major cities such as Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. These labs will provide live demonstrations of visionOS, iPadOS, and iOS apps running on the headset, giving developers valuable insights into the capabilities of the device.

Apple has been making significant progress in the development of visionOS, the operating system that powers the Vision Pro headset. In June, the company released the first beta version of visionOS, allowing developers to explore and test its functionalities. Furthermore, Unity, a leading game development platform, recently released beta versions of Vision Pro game development tools. Apple is collaborating with Unity on the “PolySpatial” development platform for visionOS, enabling developers to create and port 3D experiences seamlessly onto the Vision Pro headset.

As Apple’s plans for the launch of the Vision Pro headset come to fruition, developers can look forward to unlocking new realms of creativity and innovation. With the combination of Apple’s cutting-edge technology and the developers’ expertise, the future of augmented reality is set to be nothing short of extraordinary.