Apple planning major redesign for ‘Apple Watch X’ with new band system and more.

Apple planning major redesign for 'Apple Watch X' with new band system and more.

Apple Plans a Spectacular Overhaul for the Apple Watch X

Apple Watch X

In a recent edition of his “Power On” newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is planning a complete revamp of the Apple Watch for the device’s tenth anniversary. Referred to as the “Apple Watch X,” similar to the iPhone X released in 2017 which celebrated ten years of the iPhone, the new Apple Watch is expected to be a striking device that sets a new standard for the industry.

Since its introduction in 2014 and subsequent launch in 2015, the Apple Watch has undergone several iterations, with incremental updates and improvements. However, Gurman suggests that the Apple Watch X might be released in either 2024 or 2025, leaving fans eagerly waiting for this eagerly anticipated device.

One of the major changes with the Apple Watch X will be a thinner casing. Apple is actively working on developing a slimmer design for the watch, which will likely provide a more comfortable user experience and make the device even more stylish. Additionally, Apple is exploring different ways for bands to attach to the watch. The current band attachment system takes up a considerable amount of space, limiting the potential for larger batteries or other internal components. To address this issue, Apple is considering a magnetic band attachment system for the Apple Watch X, which could revolutionize the way users swap their watch bands.

Alongside these structural changes, the Apple Watch X might also introduce microLED display technology. This innovation would significantly enhance the color accuracy and overall picture quality of the watch’s display, surpassing the capabilities of the existing OLED screens. The possibility of integrating blood pressure monitoring, a highly sought-after feature, has also been rumored for the Apple Watch X, potentially making it a groundbreaking health and fitness companion.

In contrast, Gurman notes that the Apple Watch Series 9, expected to be released before the Apple Watch X, is anticipated to be a minor refresh with minimal changes. The Series 9 will likely receive faster processors and new color options, but the overall design and features will remain largely unchanged from previous iterations. Gurman describes it as possibly the most minor upgrade in the history of the product.

Due to this slow evolution of the Apple Watch, Apple is reportedly considering a shift away from the annual upgrade cycle. Similar to the iPad, which initially saw yearly updates, the Apple Watch might transition to more substantial updates every 18 months or so. This change would allow Apple to focus on delivering significant enhancements and meaningful innovations rather than incremental improvements.

As Apple aims to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch, it is clear that the company has ambitious plans to redefine the smartwatch market. The Apple Watch X is poised to be a milestone device with a thinner casing, an improved band attachment system, advanced display technology, and potentially life-saving health features. With these exciting updates on the horizon, Apple fans can look forward to the next chapter of wearable technology and the continued evolution of the Apple Watch.