Apple Music adds personalized recommendations, Spotify expands AI DJ.

Apple Music adds personalized recommendations, Spotify expands AI DJ.

Apple and Spotify: A Never-Ending Battle of Music Streaming Services

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The rivalry between Apple Music and Spotify has been a saga that has captivated music lovers for years. These two streaming platforms constantly strive to improve their user experience and attract new subscribers. Recently, both services announced exciting updates that are sure to grab the attention of music enthusiasts.

Apple Music’s Personalized Music Discovery Playlist

Apple Music, in a move to catch up to Spotify, has finally unveiled its first personalized new music discovery playlist. While Spotify users have been enjoying this feature for years, Apple Music enthusiasts like myself have eagerly awaited this update, and now it’s finally here.

Known as the Discovery station, it can be found next to the “(Your name) Station” in the “Listen Now” tab of the app. What sets this station apart is that it uses an algorithm based on your listening patterns to curate a playlist that aligns with your music taste. This means you’ll be introduced to new music that you may not have discovered on your own.

Discovery Station on Apple Music

At present, the Discovery station is only available to select users, and Apple has not made an official announcement or provided details about the feature. However, thanks to ENBLE’s discovery, a direct link to the feature has been found for those eager to try it out.

Spotify’s AI DJ: Expanding Access to Custom Music

While Apple plays catch-up, Spotify is expanding its AI-powered DJ custom music feature to more markets around the world. Initially introduced in beta in North America, this unique feature provides users with custom music selections accompanied by the commentary of a realistic voice, offering insightful facts about the tracks.

AI DJ on Spotify

Spotify Premium users can now access this feature in over 50 markets worldwide, including select regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. The AI DJ functionality can be found in the “Music feed” tab on the Spotify home screen, where users can simply click on the “DJ” option to experience this personalized music journey.

It’s worth noting that the AI DJ feature is still in beta, which means it may undergo further improvements and refinements in the future. This exclusivity to Premium users ensures that Spotify retains its paying subscribers while also enticing free users to upgrade their accounts for an enhanced music experience.

In the world of music streaming, competition is fierce, and both Apple Music and Spotify understand the importance of continually evolving to cater to their users’ needs. Whether it’s Apple Music’s quest to provide personalized discovery or Spotify’s innovative AI DJ, these updates contribute to the enriching and exciting landscape of music streaming.


The battle between Apple Music and Spotify continues, with each platform striving to outdo the other. Apple Music users can finally enjoy personalized music discovery, while Spotify users can explore a unique AI-powered DJ experience. As these two streaming giants push the boundaries of innovation, music enthusiasts can look forward to an ever-evolving and exhilarating music streaming experience.