Apple Fixes iPhone 12 in France for Radio Frequency Concerns

Apple Fixes iPhone 12 in France for Radio Frequency Concerns

iPhone 12 Software Update in France to Address Regulatory Concerns

Apple has announced that it will be releasing a software update for iPhone 12 users in France following concerns raised by regulators regarding radio frequency. The move comes after the National Frequency Agency in France (ANFR) stated that the iPhone 12 exceeds European specific absorption rate (SAR) limits and instructed Apple to temporarily halt the sale of the phone.

Naturally, Apple pushed back against the claims, asserting that the iPhone 12 meets or even exceeds SAR regulations worldwide. The tech giant has provided the ANFR with internal and independent iPhone 12 lab test results, demonstrating compliance with SAR rules. In an emailed statement on Friday, Apple maintained that the issue at hand is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators, rather than a safety concern.

To resolve the matter, Apple has decided to release a software update for iPhone 12 users in France. This move was first reported by Reuters. The update will specifically address the testing protocol used by French regulators, ensuring that the iPhone 12 remains available in the country. Apple expressed its eagerness to continue offering the iPhone 12 in France.

The ANFR, responsible for managing radio frequencies in France, periodically tests phones to assess human exposure to electromagnetic waves. In their recent evaluation, the ANFR determined that the iPhone 12 does not currently comply with European SAR regulations when in contact with the body, such as being held in a hand or pants pocket. However, SAR values were found to be compliant when the iPhone 12 is located at a greater distance from the body, such as in coat pockets or bags.

Demanding immediate action, the ANFR stated that Apple must take all necessary measures to prevent affected phones in the supply chain from being made available. Furthermore, for phones already sold, Apple must rectify the situation promptly to ensure compliance. Failure to do so could result in a recall of the affected devices.

As of now, the ANFR has yet to respond to Apple’s plan to release a software update to address their concerns. Nevertheless, Apple’s proactive approach to resolving this issue serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction.

Overall, this episode demonstrates the intricate nature of technology regulations and the ongoing efforts by both companies and regulatory agencies to ensure the safety and compliance of consumer devices. Apple’s decision to release a software update shows its dedication to meeting regulatory standards and addressing concerns promptly. With this forthcoming update, iPhone 12 users in France can continue to enjoy their devices without any worries.