Apple discontinues MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger.

Apple discontinues MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger.

Apple Discontinues MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger After iPhone 15 Event

MagSafe Battery Pack

With the recent announcement of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 models, Apple has bid farewell to two popular accessories – the MagSafe Battery Pack and the MagSafe Duo Charger. These accessories have been completely removed from the Apple online store and are no longer available to order. However, this news shouldn’t come as a surprise since Apple’s latest iPhones now come with USB-C ports, rendering these accessories incompatible due to their Lightning port.

Last year, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had already predicted this transition from Lightning to USB-C for the MagSafe Battery Pack, and although it remains uncertain if it will ever happen, it seems that Apple has chosen to retire it for now. The MagSafe Battery Pack, released in 2021, was a magnetic attachment that provided additional battery life to iPhone 12 and newer models. Priced at $99, it became a popular choice among users who needed extra hours of battery power on the go.

Another casualty of Apple’s discontinuation is the MagSafe Duo Charger, a foldable charging mat that could simultaneously charge iPhones and Apple Watches. Retailing for $129, it was a convenient solution for those who looked to simplify their charging routines. However, with the absence of MagSafe compatibility on the latest iPhones, the demise of this accessory was inevitable.

While saying goodbye to these two accessories may be sad for some, Apple has not left its customers empty-handed. The company has unveiled a range of updated USB-C accessories, including AirPods Pro and EarPods. Additionally, last year, the Apple TV’s Siri Remote received a USB-C port upgrade.

Apple’s decision to discontinue the MagSafe Battery Pack and MagSafe Duo Charger aligns with its commitment to embrace the latest technological advancements. By shifting their focus to USB-C, Apple aims to provide enhanced functionality and compatibility for its users. Although this decision may disappoint some loyal MagSafe users, it opens up exciting possibilities for the future.

So, as we bid farewell to these accessories, let’s keep an eye out for Apple’s latest innovations and the exciting developments that lie ahead.