Apple Card Monthly Financing unavailable for SIM-Free iPhones

Apple Card Monthly Financing unavailable for SIM-Free iPhones

Apple Card Monthly Installment Plan Now Requires Carrier-Locked iPhones

The Apple Card Monthly Installment plan has undergone some changes, much to the dismay of those who prefer to purchase unlocked iPhones. Starting now, customers using the installment plan will only be able to purchase iPhones that are linked to AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Unfortunately, this means that the option to buy a SIM-free iPhone and connect it to a carrier of choice, such as Mint Mobile, is no longer possible through the installment plan.

This update from Apple comes as an amendment to a support document released in June, and it marks an alignment of the online and in-store policies regarding carrier restrictions for iPhones purchased through the Apple Card Monthly Installment plan. Previously, customers had the freedom to buy an iPhone online and choose a carrier at a later date.

With this change, the Apple Card Monthly Installment plan remains a viable option for those who are comfortable with committing to a carrier from the outset. While the iPhones purchased through this plan are unlocked, allowing for carrier switching at any time, customers are now required to have a plan with one of the three supported carriers when making the initial purchase.

Despite the restriction, the Apple Card Monthly Installment plan remains an attractive option for those looking to finance their iPhones over a 24-month period. Offering 0% APR and 3% Daily Cash back on payments, this plan provides a convenient and cost-effective way to own the latest Apple device. The update to the installment plan also affects the Apple Watch, with customers now required to pay off the device over a 12-month period instead of the previous 24 months.

It’s important to note that while unlocked iPhones are no longer available through the installment plan, customers can still purchase SIM-free iPhones outright and connect them to any carrier of their choice. This change specifically impacts those who wish to take advantage of the financing and cashback benefits provided by the Apple Card Monthly Installment plan.

While this update may disappoint some users, it is worth considering that Apple likely made this decision to streamline its installment plan offering and ensure a consistent experience across all sales channels. By limiting the iPhone installment period to 24 months and requiring carrier-locked devices, Apple can effectively manage expectations and simplify the process for its customers.

All in all, while the restriction may limit some flexibility for iPhone buyers, the Apple Card Monthly Installment plan still offers an appealing financing option with the added benefits of zero interest and cashback rewards. As Apple continues to refine its offerings, it is important for customers to weigh the pros and cons of the various purchasing options available to them, keeping in mind their own preferences and needs.