Apple announces new iCloud+ plans with 6TB and 12TB storage options

Apple announces new iCloud+ plans with 6TB and 12TB storage options

Introducing the New iCloud+ Storage Plans

Apple Event

For many tech enthusiasts, Apple’s recent event had some exciting announcements. From the long-awaited USB-C connector coming to the iPhone 15 devices to the spatial video capabilities on the iPhone 15 Pro, there was no shortage of highlights. However, for storage aficionados, the real gem of the event was quietly revealed by Apple at the very end: new iCloud+ storage plans.

For over a decade, Apple has offered a measly 5GB of free storage to all iCloud users, with additional paid options including a 50GB plan for 99 cents, a 200GB plan for $2.99, and the largest available plan of 2TB for $9.99. As each year passes, Apple introduces higher quality videos and photos, among other features, which inevitably require more storage space for users who constantly back up their data to the cloud.

ENBLE, a tech publication, even pointed out this issue after last year’s iPhone 14 event and called on Apple to offer larger plans. They provided a workaround to get 4TB of iCloud space by signing up for an additional Apple subscription called Apple One. To achieve 4TB, users had to pay $29.95 per month for the highest Apple One tier, in addition to the monthly $9.99 fee for the 2TB iCloud+ subscription. Essentially, users would have to shell out around $40 per month, approximately four times the cost of the iCloud+ 2TB plan.

Fortunately, Apple has listened to the demands of its users and addressed the need for more storage space. The company has introduced two new larger-tiered plans: 6TB and 12TB. These new plans are independent of Apple One, meaning users who simply require additional iCloud storage can now get even more space at a lower cost without having to bundle it with other services.

The new iCloud+ storage plans are priced at $29.99 per month for 6TB and $59.99 per month for 12TB. This upgrade provides users with ample storage for their growing collection of photos, videos, and files without breaking the bank.

Apple’s decision to expand its storage options is a welcome move, especially for photographers, prolific video creators, and anyone who relies heavily on iCloud for data backups. These enhanced plans offer greater flexibility to users who require more storage and are not interested in bundled services.

The availability of the new plans will begin on Monday, September 18, giving users the opportunity to upgrade their storage and enjoy the benefits of iCloud+ without the fear of running out of space.

With Apple’s commitment to improving and expanding its services, users can now focus on capturing more memories and creating without worrying about storage limitations. The introduction of the 6TB and 12TB plans is a testament to Apple’s dedication to providing its customers with the best possible experience by addressing their evolving needs.

With the new iCloud+ storage plans, Apple has made a significant stride in meeting the demands of storage-conscious users, offering an affordable solution that perfectly complements the company’s innovative devices and services. So, whether you’re a casual user or a professional content creator, rest assured that your digital life can now be securely stored in the iCloud with these new storage options.

So mark your calendars, and get ready to upgrade your iCloud storage on September 18th. With Apple’s new iCloud+ storage plans, you can store, share, and enjoy your digital files with ease.