Amazon uses AI to summarize product reviews

Amazon uses AI to summarize product reviews

AI-generated Review Highlights: Enhancing the Shopping Experience on Amazon


Amazon, the world’s largest online marketplace, is once again elevating the shopping experience for its customers by rolling out the use of generative-AI technology to summarize product reviews on its platform. This exciting feature is designed to help customers navigate through the vast ocean of reviews and make informed decisions more quickly and effortlessly.

For months, Amazon has been rigorously testing this innovative technology, and now it is ready to unveil it to the world. Vaughn Schermerhorn, a spokesperson for Amazon, expressed their commitment to address the long-standing customer demand for easier comprehension of product reviews. With the recent advancements in generative AI, Amazon believes they now have the technical means to accomplish this goal.

So, what exactly does this feature offer? The AI-generated review highlights will provide customers with a succinct summary of the common themes found in various product reviews. This will allow shoppers to gain an understanding of what other customers are saying about a specific product without having to meticulously read through every review.

An example of an AI-generated review highlight for an air purifier can be seen from the testing phase in June. The summary includes positive feedback, mentions of its effectiveness in clearing the air and improving air quality, its quiet operation and stylish appearance, as well as mixed opinions on its ability to reduce allergies and asthma. At the end of the summary, it is clearly stated that the highlights are AI-generated from actual customer reviews.

Initially available to select mobile shoppers in the U.S., this groundbreaking feature will provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience. It not only summarizes the customers’ sentiments but also allows users to filter reviews that mention specific product attributes. For instance, a customer looking for information about the product’s ease of use can easily find relevant reviews by tapping on the “ease of use” attribute under the review highlights.

However, Amazon has not turned a blind eye to the issue of fake or paid-for reviews that plague online platforms. In 2022, 125 million Amazon customers left nearly 1.5 billion reviews and ratings on the site. As a testament to its commitment to maintaining integrity, Amazon invests substantial resources to prevent the inclusion of such content. The AI-generated review highlights feature ensures that only trusted reviews from verified purchases are utilized, eliminating the risk of misleading or fraudulent input.

With this new feature, Amazon once again showcases its dedication to continuously improving the online shopping experience for its vast user base. By utilizing generative AI technology, customers can now make more informed decisions with ease. From streamlining the review process to facilitating a quicker understanding of a product’s strengths and weaknesses, the AI-generated review highlights feature exemplifies Amazon’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Indeed, the future of online shopping looks brighter than ever as technology continues to revolutionize the way we make our purchasing decisions.