Amazon Layaway Your Shopping Ace for Prime Day in October

Amazon Layaway Your Shopping Ace for Prime Day in October

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s Layaway Program

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Are you excited for Amazon Prime Day? It’s just around the corner, and if you’re a regular Amazon Prime shopper, you might have already heard about Amazon’s layaway program. But what is it exactly? And is it the right fit for you? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got all the information you need!

What is Amazon Layaway?

Amazon Layaway is a program offered by Amazon Prime that allows you to make a purchase and pay for it over time. It can be particularly useful if you’re making a big-ticket purchase or if you’re waiting for payday to arrive before splurging on something you’ve been eyeing.

Before we dive into the details, it’s important to note that Amazon Layaway is different from Amazon’s Affirm payment plan. The Affirm payment plan allows you to buy now and pay later, while Amazon Layaway divides the total cost into multiple payments over a set period of time.

How to Use Amazon Layaway

To use Amazon Layaway, simply look for the “Reserve with Layaway” tag when browsing eligible products. If you don’t see the tag, it means that the item is not available for layaway. Once you’ve added all the eligible items to your cart, select “Reserve with Layaway” at checkout for each item you want to place on layaway.

One of the great things about Amazon Layaway is that it doesn’t require a credit check. So, you can enjoy the flexibility of the program without worrying about any impact on your credit score. However, it’s worth noting that Amazon’s layaway program is currently not available for orders shipping to Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, or outside of the US.

How Does Amazon Layaway Work?

Once you’ve selected the items you want to put on layaway, Amazon will divide the total price into five payments. Each payment will be 20% of the total cost, excluding tax and shipping. The payments are spread out over a period of eight weeks, with one payment due every two weeks.

When you make the first payment, Amazon will reserve the item for you until it’s fully paid off. Once you’ve made all the payments, Amazon will ship the item to you. It’s important to note that there are no additional fees for using Amazon Layaway, and you won’t be charged any interest since you’re not financing your order.

What Happens if You Miss a Payment?

If you happen to forget to make one of your scheduled payments, Amazon will send you an email to notify you that the payment attempt was unsuccessful. If you still don’t make the payment before the next scheduled date, Amazon will cancel your layaway plan and refund all the money you’ve paid so far.

Don’t worry, though! There are no fees for overdue or canceled layaway plans, and you won’t be penalized for missing a payment. However, if you do have an overdue layaway plan, you won’t be able to start a new one until it’s resolved.

If you prefer to pay off the balance in full ahead of time, you can easily do so by logging into your Amazon account and navigating to “My Orders” > “Order Details” > “Manage Payment Plans.” From there, you can choose to pay early.

Amazon Layaway vs. Amazon’s Affirm Payment Plan

You might be wondering how Amazon Layaway stacks up against Amazon’s Affirm payment plan. The main difference between the two is that Amazon Layaway does not involve any additional fees. With Amazon Layaway, your only charges are for the product, shipping costs, and taxes. On the other hand, Affirm’s payment plan allows you to buy now and pay later, but it involves a credit approval process and could potentially impact your credit score.

Furthermore, Affirm may charge interest, which means you might end up paying more in the long run. The payment options with Affirm can range from six weeks to 60 months, and some even offer interest-free terms. If you can wait for the items for eight weeks, we recommend going with Amazon Layaway to avoid any potential fees and interest.

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Amazon Layaway is a convenient option for those who want to make a purchase but prefer to pay for it over time. With no credit checks, no interest, and no fees, it’s a straightforward program that offers flexibility and peace of mind.

As you gear up for October Prime Day, consider taking advantage of Amazon Layaway for your next big purchase. And to ensure you’re getting the best deals while shopping, check out ENBLE’s Chrome Shopping extension. It scours the web for the best discounts and promo codes, so you can save even more!

So, get ready for an exciting Prime Day and make the most of your Amazon Prime membership. Happy shopping!