AirPods Pro sound great with USB-C, but what about other AirPods models, Apple?

AirPods Pro sound great with USB-C, but what about other AirPods models, Apple?

AirPods Max and Base Model AirPods Miss Out on USB-C Compatibility and iOS 17 Features

As the anticipation builds for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 announcement, rumors are swirling about other Apple products receiving a USB-C makeover. It has been speculated that the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, and AirPods Pro (2nd generation) might come with a USB-C charging port. However, according to Bloomberg, the AirPods Max and the base model AirPods won’t be USB-C compatible until next year, and the chances of Apple reproducing its last-gen iPhones just for a charging port upgrade are slim, to say the least.

The disappointment doesn’t end there for AirPods Max and base model AirPods users. These models will also miss out on the new features introduced in iOS 17: Adaptive Audio and Conversation Awareness. These features, which are coming to AirPods Pro, enhance the listening experience and offer improved awareness of conversations happening around the user.

Why are AirPods Max and base model AirPods missing out on these upgrades? The likely reason is that they use Apple’s H1 chip, which is also present in all three generations of the base model AirPods. On the other hand, the AirPods Pro (2nd generation) come with Apple’s updated H2 chip, making them the only Apple headphones equipped with the newer processor.

While it’s disappointing to see more expensive audio options like the AirPods Max left behind in terms of feature upgrades, Apple has always been known to surprise us with curveballs during its seasonal launch events. Therefore, there is still hope that Apple might have more positive AirPods news up its sleeve on Tuesday.

In the meantime, Apple enthusiasts can keep up with extensive event coverage throughout the week and live-stream the event on Apple’s website and YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Apple!