Adding exceptions to ad blocking in Opera

Adding exceptions to ad blocking in Opera

How to Add an Ad-Blocking Exception in Opera

Opera Browser

When I adopted Opera as my default web browser, I instantly began to appreciate its many handy features, including the built-in ad blocker. Enabled out of the box, the Opera ad blocker does a great job of blocking most ads, which helps sites load faster and means there’s less opportunity for ads to inject malicious content.

Unfortunately, some sites refuse to allow me to read their content. Some sites go so far as to immediately pop up an immutable warning, instructing you to disable the ad blocker. Interestingly enough, nearly every site I go to with such a feature gets the steps for disabling the ad blocker wrong, at least for Opera.

Instead of totally disabling the ad blocker, I prefer to add exceptions for the site I want to visit that refuses to give me access to its content because of the ad blocker. This approach means I still protect myself from potentially malicious content while allowing the sites I trust to function properly.

Adding Exceptions in Opera

The great news is that adding exceptions is fairly straightforward. Let me show you how.

Step 1: Open Opera Settings

The fastest way to get to Opera Settings is to open the web browser and type opera:settings in the Address bar. Once the Settings page has opened, type “ad blocker” in the search field to locate the necessary section.

Opera Settings

Step 2: Enable Ad Blocker

On the off-chance the ad blocker has been disabled, click the On/Off slider for “Block ads and surf the web up to three times faster.”

Step 3: Open the Add Exception Window

Click “Manage exceptions” under Privacy protection. The resulting page will list the default sites that are added as ad blocker exceptions. Click “Add.”

Opera Ad Blocker Exceptions

Step 4: Add Your Exception

Let’s say you want to add (a site that refuses to function with an ad blocker enabled). In the add exception popup window, type [*.] (which adds an exception for all the sites attached to Click “Add” to save the exception.

Adding an Exception

From now on, the site associated with the exception will no longer present problems. You shouldn’t have to close and restart Opera for the change to take effect. You will, however, have to refresh the page for the site displaying the ad blocker warning. As soon as you refresh, the site should display as expected.

And that’s all there is to adding an exception for ad-blocking in Opera. Do this for any site that doesn’t function properly with the ad blocker feature enabled, and your experience should be much improved for those particular sites.