Absurd PC with 7 RTX 4090s costs $31,600 | ENBLE

Absurd PC with 7 RTX 4090s costs $31,600 | ENBLE

Mifcom’s Big Boss: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Pro Users

Mifcom Big Boss [Image source: Mifcom]

If you thought the Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU was out of your price range, imagine a computer that not only houses this beast of a graphics card but features a total of seven of them. German PC builder Mifcom has introduced the aptly named Big Boss, a monstrous computer designed for the most demanding tasks and equipped with an astounding amount of power. Priced at a jaw-dropping €28,999, or roughly $31,600, this machine is certainly not for the faint of heart.

The standout feature of the Big Boss is undoubtedly its collection of Nvidia RTX 4090s, each paired with a watercooler. This combination brings a staggering 168GB of video memory to the table, establishing a new benchmark for sheer graphical power. To complement these graphics cards, the Big Boss is armed with a 64-core Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5995WX CPU, valued at approximately $6,499, as well as 128GB of RAM and 4TB of SSD storage. It’s an all-encompassing setup that bolsters the reputation of the Big Boss as a luxury computing solution.

Given the immense power requirements of the RTX 4090s, Mifcom has taken precautions to ensure optimal performance. The GPUs operate at 300W, which is significantly lower than their maximum 450W power draw. Running all seven cards at full tilt would be impractical due to the colossal power demands involved. Consequently, the Big Boss incorporates not one, but two 2000W power supplies to handle these extraordinary requirements.

Mifcom Big Boss Power Supplies [Image source: Mifcom]

It’s important to note that the Big Boss isn’t aimed at your average gamer who casually dabbles in Stardew Valley. This high-end machine is specifically tailored for professionals who require top-tier performance for activities such as video rendering, machine learning, and other demanding workloads. While the price may seem exorbitant, it’s not unprecedented in the world of high-spec computing. For instance, Apple’s Mac Pro can reach a staggering $12,348 if equipped with the most powerful options available. However, even with these upgrades, it’s doubtful that the Mac Pro could match the graphical powerhouse of seven RTX 4090s. Before Apple’s transition to silicon, a maxed-out Mac Pro would have set you back over $52,000.

Despite the astounding power and capabilities of the Big Boss, Mifcom has opted for a more subdued appearance. The machine is designed without flashy lighting, offering a discreet look that prioritizes functionality over aesthetics. So, if you decide to invest in this technological behemoth, you won’t be overwhelmed by rainbow lights as you marvel at its performance.

Undoubtedly, the Big Boss won’t be flying off the shelves at your local PC hardware store. Given the rising cost of living, the average computer user would likely take one look at the price tag and wince. However, for those who require unprecedented power and want the best of the best, the Big Boss stands as an alluring option. Mifcom has created a technological masterpiece that showcases the pinnacle of computing capabilities, and for the extremely demanding pro users out there, the Big Boss beckons as the ultimate machine to bring their visions to life.