7 Top Pet Transport Companies

7 Top Pet Transport Companies

A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Transportation Services

Pets are more than just animals to many people; they are cherished members of the family. But when it comes to traveling, it’s not always easy or safe for pets to accompany their human companions. Thankfully, there are specialized pet transportation carriers and companies that can help transport your furry, feathered, finned, or scaly friends safely and securely.

The Need for Pet Transportation Services

Pets are an integral part of 62% of households, whether they are a beloved senior Schnauzer or a cuddly, house-trained rabbit. However, not all pets can comfortably travel alongside their human counterparts. This is where pet transportation services come in, enabling pet owners to find reliable and secure transportation options for their cherished companions.

If you find yourself in need of pet transportation services, this comprehensive overview will introduce you to some of the most trusted and reputable businesses in the industry. Whether you have a traditional pet or an unconventional one, these companies can help you transport your pet from one location to another with ease and peace of mind.

1. CitizenShipper – The Uber of Pet Transportation

Imagine Uber or Lyft, but for pet transportation. That’s exactly what CitizenShipper offers. It is the leading pet transportation platform in the United States, connecting people who need to transport their pets with verified and vetted drivers. Users simply sign up and provide basic information about their transportation needs, and drivers can bid on the job based on factors like cost, experience, reviews, and availability.

CitizenShipper has successfully transported over 100,000 pets. Along with secure transportation, users also receive extra benefits like 24/7 access to TeleVet and $1,000 in pet protection. This service is ideal for pet owners looking to adopt a pet from another state, move homes with their furry friends, or for any other pet transportation needs.

2. Equine Express – Horses in Safe Hands

Transporting horses requires special care and expertise, which is why Equine Express is the go-to choice for horse owners. With 30 years of experience and a 98% satisfaction rating, Equine Express is solely dedicated to transporting horses. Their team is composed of expert horsemen who understand the unique needs and concerns of these majestic animals.

Booking horse transportation with Equine Express is easy, with same-day quotes available if you contact them early in the day. Their rigs are designed specifically for horse transport, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for your four-legged companion throughout the journey.

3. Brook Ledge Horse Transportation – Flying Horses

For horse owners who need to transport their equine friends via air, Brook Ledge Horse Transportation offers the perfect solution. While they specialize in ground shipping for horses, they also provide domestic airline services for horses, particularly racehorses and steeds. If you require international transportation, they can help you find a suitable carrier as well.

Brook Ledge Horse Transportation provides regular and privately chartered flights, accompanied by knowledgeable and compassionate grooms who ensure the well-being of the horses at all times. While their services may not be the most affordable option, you can be assured that your horse will receive world-class treatment both on land and in the skies.

4. Across the Pond Pet – Exotics Welcome

If you have an exotic animal to transport, look no further than Across the Pond Pet. This pet transportation service specializes in transporting the most unusual and exotic creatures legally and ethically. Their team members have a true passion for pets of all kinds, including those that don’t fall into the typical pet categories.

Across the Pond Pet is well-versed in handling the legalities associated with transporting pets across state and international boundaries. They ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, so you and your unique pet can travel safely and confidently.

5. World Pet & Animal Transport – Going Global

For those planning to relocate internationally with their pets, World Pet & Animal Transport is the ideal partner. Based in Italy, this company specializes in shipping all types of pets from country to country, making it perfect for individuals moving to Europe or other parts of the world.

Apart from providing transportation services, World Pet & Animal Transport also educates pet owners on the regulatory concerns associated with international pet travel. With their expertise, you can navigate through quarantine requirements and other expectations seamlessly, ensuring a stress-free relocation experience for both you and your pet.

6. Airborne Animals LLC – Birds in Flight

When it comes to transporting birds and parrots, Airborne Animals LLC is the top choice. With a focus on bird transportation, they offer both domestic and international shipping services for various bird species. Avoid subjecting your feathered friends to long and uncomfortable car rides by entrusting their transportation to Airborne Animals LLC.

Their team takes the time to personalize each bird’s transport experience, ensuring their safety and well-being throughout the journey. By contacting them ahead of time, they can properly accommodate your bird’s needs and provide an exceptional transportation service.

7. Woof Airlines – Jet-Setting Pets

If you’re looking for a pet transportation option that allows your furry friend to accompany you on your global adventures, Woof Airlines is the perfect choice. Although primarily for dogs, cats are also welcome on their air-only flights. However, it’s important to note that certain animal breeds, such as snub-nosed canines, may have restrictions due to safety concerns.

While the rates may be premium, the level of service provided by Woof Airlines is unparalleled. Consider it a tradeoff for the convenience and luxury of having your pet by your side as you explore the world together.

No matter where your travels take you or where you and your pet decide to call home, these reputable pet transportation services will make the process much simpler and stress-free. With their expertise and dedication, you can ensure that your cherished pets are in good hands during their journey.