5 Streaming Apps for TV Schedules and Locations

5 Streaming Apps for TV Schedules and Locations

Get Organized with These Must-Have Streaming TV Tracker Apps

With the abundance of new movies and TV shows being released across various streaming platforms, it can be a challenge to keep track of all your favorites. We all want to stay up to date and be a part of the action, without encountering any spoilers online. While Google or Alexa can offer some assistance in keeping us informed about upcoming seasons, it’s not always the most ideal solution for everyone.

So, what’s the best way to keep tabs on which titles will be available on your preferred streaming platform? Sure, you can jot it down on a sticky note or add it to your phone’s calendar, but there are apps out there that can do this job even better.

Here, I present to you a curated list of free apps that will help you track your favorite streaming TV shows and films. These apps not only help you keep track of shows you’re currently watching but also offer recommendations and alerts for new episodes. Let’s dive into the details!

TV Time – Connect with Fellow Fans and Get Recommendations

TV Time

TV Time is a fantastic app that not only tracks TV shows and movies but also connects you with fellow fans through its social media features. Available for both Android and Apple users, it offers multiple ways to sign up, including Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, or email. Once you’re all set up, you can choose which shows you’ve watched on various streaming services, providing a personalized experience. One interesting feature is that when browsing through Hulu’s selections, only its originals are listed, but the app lets you know that you can add more later. This app is a great option for social TV watching and staying connected with like-minded fans.

JustWatch – Discover, Track, and Stream with Ease


JustWatch is not only known for its ability to curate where a title is streaming, but it also offers a robust set of features to enhance your streaming experience. From creating watchlists to tracking upcoming releases and even watching a show with a single click, JustWatch has got you covered. You can select the streaming services you use, including popular ones like Disney Plus, Crunchyroll, and Fubo. With over 100 providers listed, you’ll never miss out on the latest content. JustWatch has recently added a streaming guide for sports as well, making it a go-to app for all your streaming needs.

Hobi – The Comprehensive Tracking App


When it comes to comprehensive tracking apps, Hobi is a popular choice among iOS and Android users. Hobi allows you to select shows you plan to watch or have already watched, providing an easy way to keep track of your progress. It even reminds you where you left off in a show, making it convenient to pick up where you left off. The Discover feature in Hobi highlights trending shows, series returning in the current week, new shows airing in the month, and recommendations across various genres and networks, including popular ones like HBO and Netflix. With its intuitive interface and extensive features, Hobi is a must-have app for avid TV show enthusiasts.

SeriesGuide – Privacy-Focused Tracker App


SeriesGuide is an app available on Android and Amazon Fire TV that prides itself on being ad-free and privacy-focused. It doesn’t track your personal information, providing you with peace of mind while using the app. Though it may not have the bells and whistles of some other apps, SeriesGuide offers a clean and straightforward interface. It allows you to track both TV shows and movies and provides general information about each show and its seasons. If you value privacy and simplicity, SeriesGuide is the perfect choice for you.

Cinetrak – Track TV Shows and Movies in One Place


Cinetrak is an app that allows you to track both TV shows and movies. To fully utilize its features, you’ll need to set up a Trakt login to create watchlists. While there are ads at the bottom of the screen, the interface is clean and intuitive. Under the TV Shows menu, you can find titles categorized under Genres, Trending, Popular, and Top Watched. When you click on a series, Cinetrak provides general information about the show and its seasons. You can easily add a show by title, episode, or season. Cinetrak, with its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, is a great companion for tracking your favorite TV shows and movies.

Privacy Concerns and Upgrading Options

Now, you might be wondering about privacy concerns and whether it’s worth paying for an upgraded version of these apps. It’s essential to review the privacy notices and settings for each service to ensure they align with your preferences. JustWatch, for example, collects user data to personalize ads based on your movie tastes. TV Time also uses nonpersonal information for marketing and advertising purposes, but it offers privacy settings that allow you to keep your account private and secure. As for upgrading, we recommend sticking with the free versions of these apps unless you specifically require additional tracking perks.

Explore the World of Streaming with Ease

Although there are other apps available, such as Reelgood, which allows you to track movies and TV shows, it doesn’t provide information for the months ahead. JustWatch and TV Time, on the other hand, not only show release dates for upcoming seasons but also allow you to set notifications for their arrivals. With their comprehensive features, these apps offer an immersive and hassle-free streaming experience. So, go ahead and download these must-have streaming TV tracker apps to stay on top of your favorite shows and movies.

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