5 reasons for Bluesky, a Twitter alternative

5 reasons for Bluesky, a Twitter alternative

Bluesky Social: The Alternative to Twitter That’s Making Waves

Bluesky Social

In the midst of Twitter’s ongoing turmoil, a number of social networks have emerged as alternatives to the Elon Musk-owned platform. One of these is Bluesky, a platform launched by Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019. Bluesky offers a familiar interface similar to Twitter, without the baggage that Musk has brought to the table. Other platforms vying for a piece of the social media pie include Mastodon and Meta’s Threads. While Mastodon has not gained much traction due to its complicated sign-up process and multi-server environment, Threads initially attracted millions of users but has since seen a decline in numbers as it works to address its limitations and add new features.

Bluesky may not offer all the advanced options available on Twitter, such as direct messages, and its user base is still relatively small compared to other platforms. However, it boasts a clean and user-friendly interface with most of the basic features that users expect from a social network. For those already familiar with Twitter, Bluesky provides a friendly and comfortable environment.

The biggest challenge with Bluesky is simply getting on board. As the service is still in beta mode, access is currently only available by invitation, and invites are in short supply. However, if you manage to obtain an invite code, joining Bluesky offers several benefits over Twitter, Threads, and other social networks. Let’s dive into five compelling reasons why you should consider joining Bluesky.

1. Use the app or website seamlessly

One of the standout features of Bluesky is that it is accessible both as a mobile app and a website, giving users the flexibility to read and write posts on either their PC or mobile devices. This sets it apart from Meta’s Threads, where users can only read posts on the website and are forced to use the mobile app when they want to post something. Even reading posts on the Threads site can be cumbersome, as users can only view one account at a time by manually adding the username to the Threads URL.

Bluesky’s mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is well-designed with quick access to the feed, search options, notifications, and profile. The website is equally capable, providing all the major features and options conveniently accessible. In fact, the mobile app even replicates the website’s menu with a simple swipe to the right. With a seamless and consistent experience across the app and website, switching between them is smooth and effortless.

2. Comprehensive search capabilities

Bluesky’s search tool sets it apart from other platforms, as it allows users to search for both accounts and posts. Unlike Threads, which only allows searching for accounts, Bluesky enables users to search for specific content. By selecting the search option on the app or website and typing in the desired search term, users can easily browse through relevant posts and accounts.

3. Simple content filtering

For those who prefer not to be exposed to certain types of content, Bluesky provides an easy-to-use content filtering system on both the website and app. However, the website offers more granular control over these filtering options.

On the website, users can navigate to the Moderation category, while on the app, they can swipe to the right and select Moderation. By accessing the Content Filtering settings, users can choose to hide, warn, or show explicit sexual images or nudity, sexually suggestive content, violent content, hate group images, spam, and impersonated accounts. Although Twitter and Threads also offer content filtering capabilities, Bluesky’s approach is more precise and user-friendly.

4. Take control of your feed

Bluesky provides users with three different feeds to help them discover new accounts and see posts from the accounts they follow. The Following feed shows posts exclusively from followed accounts, the What’s Hot feed displays the latest popular posts, and the Popular with Friends feed features posts that are popular among the accounts a user follows.

Users can further customize their feeds by exploring the My Feeds section and selecting the gear icon. This reveals additional feeds, which can be pinned to the main feeds page by selecting the Pin icon. Bluesky also offers an option to discover new feeds created by other users based on specific algorithms. Twitter, on the other hand, offers a feed called For You, which suggests tweets based on users’ interests. While Threads has added a Following feed option to display posts exclusively from followed accounts, Bluesky’s feed options still provide more versatility.

5. Personalize your domain

By default, Bluesky assigns a username domain name of bsky.social, such as “lancewhit.bsky.social.” However, for users who already own a domain, Bluesky allows the option to use their own domain name. This feature provides an opportunity to personalize and verify their identity on Bluesky, linking it to an existing website if desired.

For users who don’t own a domain, Bluesky has partnered with Namecheap, a renowned domain registrar. Through this partnership, users can purchase a domain directly from Bluesky, offering benefits such as increased privacy, URL forwarding, and email forwarding. Bluesky’s blog post on “Purchase and Manage Domains Directly Through Bluesky” provides more information on setting up a domain name through this convenient option.

In conclusion, Bluesky Social offers a compelling alternative to Twitter, Threads, and other social networks. Despite its current limited availability, the platform’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive search capabilities, content filtering options, customizable feeds, and domain customization features make it a promising contender in the social media landscape.