5 new Amazon features for easier product finding

5 new Amazon features for easier product finding

Revamping the Amazon Shopping Experience: New Features to Enhance Your Journey

Amazon Shopping

Shopping on Amazon has never been easier, thanks to the introduction of exciting new features. With over 12 million products available, finding exactly what you need can sometimes be a challenge. However, the e-commerce giant has stepped up its game with innovative additions that promise to revolutionize your shopping experience.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Are you tired of typing out long product descriptions in your search queries? Amazon now offers a multimodal search feature, allowing users to search with both pictures and text. Previously, the platform only allowed photo searches without any accompanying text, which often resulted in inaccurate search results. By enabling text prompts during visual searches, Amazon ensures that you can refine your results for your exact needs.

Imagine you need a specific home appliance part. By simply snapping a photo of the part and including the appliance’s brand in the text section, you can find the exact replacement on Amazon. This new feature not only enhances convenience but also saves time by eliminating the need for lengthy descriptions.

Visualize Before You Buy

Augmented reality (AR) is no longer limited to furniture and larger items. Amazon’s View in Your Room feature has been expanded to include smaller tabletop items like lamps, toaster ovens, and coffee makers. Through the power of AR, you can now see how these products would look within your space before making a purchase. No more second-guessing whether that adorable lamp will fit perfectly on your bedside table or if the toaster oven matches your kitchen decor. Amazon truly brings the showroom to your screen.

From Social Media to Your Shopping Cart

We’ve all experienced the frustration of coming across the perfect product on social media, only to discover there’s no link to purchase it. Moreover, the thought of buying from sketchy websites is a definite no-no. Well, Amazon has come up with a solution. You can now easily share products from social media platforms directly to the Amazon app and find them there.

Regardless of which site or social media platform you find the product on, the process remains simple. Just click on the site’s “share” button and select the Amazon Shopping app. This action will lead you to the “Find products on Amazon” page, where you’ll be presented with similar products. It’s a seamless integration that ensures you never miss out on buying that “must-have” item again.

Making Informed Choices

Amazon understands the importance of making informed purchasing decisions. To assist in this endeavor, they have introduced labeling techniques that provide valuable insights into product popularity. When considering an item, you’ll now have access to information such as a “previously purchased” banner and sales trend details like “10K+ bought in the past month.” These labels empower you to gauge the popularity and reliability of a product before adding it to your cart.

In conclusion, Amazon continues to raise the bar when it comes to the online shopping experience. With the new multimodal search, AR visualization, seamless social media integration, and informative labeling, your shopping journey becomes more enjoyable and hassle-free. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless search results and hello to a world of smart and personalized shopping. Happy Amazoning!