5 Hidden Features to Maximize Your Galaxy Z Fold 5 Experience

5 Hidden Features to Maximize Your Galaxy Z Fold 5 Experience

Unleashing the Hidden Power of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: 5 Secret Settings You Need to Try

The tech world has been abuzz with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, hailed as the pinnacle of foldable devices currently on the market. As someone who has never experienced a foldable phone before, I had the opportunity to spend the past week playing with the Z Fold 5, and it has been quite an interesting ride.

The Z Fold 5 sits perfectly between a tablet and a smartphone, boasting an impressive display that caters to the needs of gamers and avid movie and TV watchers. But beyond its flashy features, what truly excites me about any new phone is diving deep into its settings, uncovering hidden treasures that can elevate the user experience. And let me tell you, the Z Fold 5 does not disappoint in this regard. So, whether you already own the Z Fold 5 or are simply curious about its capabilities, here are five hidden settings that you should definitely try.

But before we proceed, take a moment to check out Patrick Holland’s immersive video review of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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1. You really need to download the Good Lock application

If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung phone, whether it be the Z Fold 5 or the S23 Ultra, you simply cannot miss out on the free Good Lock app. Consider it a goldmine for customizing every facet of your device. Good Lock is an official Samsung application that offers a diverse library of mods, empowering you to tinker with your lock screen, app drawer, wallpaper, S Pen menu, and other parts of the One UI.

To get started, head to the Galaxy Store and download the Good Lock app (link provided below). Now, let me give you a taste of some of my favorite mods:

  • Theme Park: This mod enables you to create a fully customized theme for your phone based on your wallpaper. You can even tweak the keyboard, volume controls, icons, and more.
  • Pentastic: With Pentastic, you can take your S Pen experience to a whole new level, customizing the S Pen pointer and Air command menu. You can also create app shortcuts by holding down the pen button and double-tapping on the display.
  • Home Up: Home Up gives you the power to redesign your One UI home experience. From changing grid settings and adding popup folders to configuring the layout of your recent apps, the possibilities are endless.

With 19 modules at your disposal, I encourage you to explore each one and unleash your creativity.

The Good Lock app on the Z Fold 5 has 19 modules to choose from.

2. Force apps onto the cover display

The Z Fold 5 boasts two displays: the cover screen, visible when the phone is folded, and the main screen, which is utilized when the device is unfolded. By default, if you close your phone while using an app on the main screen, that action won’t transfer over to the cover screen. For example, if you’re watching a YouTube video on the main screen and fold your phone, it won’t continue playing on the cover display. Instead, your phone will lock.

However, thanks to the Good Lock application I mentioned earlier, there’s a module called MultiStar that enhances multitasking on the Z Fold 5. Within MultiStar, you can find a setting called “Continue All Apps on front screen” under “I Heart Galaxy Foldable.” Enabling this feature ensures that any application you’re using will seamlessly transition to the cover screen when you fold your phone.

Some apps may restart or not work properly.

3. Unlock the ease of one-handed use

Let’s face it, the Z Fold 5 is a big boy. With its main screen measuring a whopping 7.6 inches, it surpasses even the largest iPhones or non-Samsung Android phones out there. But fret not, even if you don’t have hands the size of Yeti’s, there’s a module in the Good Lock app that will make using your foldable phone with just one hand a breeze.

The One Hand Operation + mod introduces gesture handles on both sides of the screen when toggled on. These handles allow you to navigate the device with ease, performing actions such as going back, accessing recent apps, going home, adjusting volume, playing/pausing tracks, viewing your apps screen, navigating your web browser, and even turning your screen off. One of my personal favorites is the “Virtual touch pad” setting, which enables a trackpad and mouse that you can trigger by swiping from the side of the screen. This feature comes in handy when you want to reach buttons that are otherwise out of reach with one hand.

You can adjust settings such as animations, S Pen gestures, quick actions, swipe distance, and more.

4. Make every app a multitasking champion

Multi-window functionality, also known as split-screen, allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously on a single display. This feature comes in handy when, for example, you want to watch YouTube videos on one side while scrolling through Twitter on the other. However, not all apps in the Play Store support multi-window on the Z Fold 5. Unfortunately, this includes popular ones like Instagram.

Thankfully, there’s a nifty trick to force any app on your Z Fold 5 to open in pop-up view or split screen, regardless of its support for multitasking. Head to “Settings > Advanced features > Labs” and toggle on “Multi-window for all apps.” Now you can enjoy multi-window bliss with any app you desire.

Some apps may look awkward in certain multitasking configurations, so be warned.

5. Boost performance with a refresh rate tweak

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 flaunts a dazzling display capable of refreshing up to 120 times per second, reaching a smooth 120 Hz. This is a game-changer, especially for avid gamers. However, by default, the main screen operates at 60 Hz. Fear not, for there’s an easy way to unlock the full potential of the 120 Hz refresh rate.

Simply head to “Settings > Display > Motion smoothness” and select the “Adaptive” option. Be aware, though, that this might drain your battery quicker due to increased power usage. If you don’t intend to take full advantage of the higher refresh rate, sticking to the “Standard” option will ensure a balance between performance and battery life.

The default setting is a standard display at 60 Hz.

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In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 offers a multitude of settings to suit every user’s preferences. From the customizable wonderland of the Good Lock app to enhancing multi-window capabilities and improving one-handed usability, these hidden settings take the Z Fold 5 experience to new heights. So, why not unleash the full potential of your foldable device and embark on a journey of personalization and optimization?