4 things Apple needs for iPhone 15 Ultra | ENBLE

4 things Apple needs for iPhone 15 Ultra | ENBLE

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The iPhone 15 Ultra: A Worthy Upgrade?

iPhone 15 Pro Max Image source: Christine Romero-Chan / ENBLE

With Apple’s highly anticipated fall event just around the corner, the rumor mill is abuzz with speculations about the upcoming iPhone 15. One particular rumor that has resurfaced is the possibility of Apple changing the name of the iPhone 15 Pro Max to the iPhone 15 “Ultra.” While this rumor had initially surfaced in late 2022 and early 2023, it had taken a backseat as other reports suggested this change would occur in 2024. However, recent reports indicate that the iPhone 15 might indeed eliminate the “Pro Max” moniker in favor of a simpler and catchier “Ultra” name.

But what does this potential name change mean for the device itself? As much as I would love to see the iPhone 15 Ultra become a reality (let’s face it, “iPhone 15 Pro Max” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue), Apple needs to ensure that the device lives up to the “Ultra” moniker and justifies a potentially higher price tag.

A Much-Needed Telephoto Camera Upgrade

iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Image source: Prakhar Khanna / ENBLE

One of the most significant rumors surrounding the iPhone 15 is the inclusion of a periscope telephoto lens in the larger iPhone 15 Pro model. Unfortunately, it seems less likely that this feature will be available on the smaller iPhone 15 Pro, which is a disappointment for those who desire a top-notch camera without the bulk of a larger phone.

If Apple is indeed planning to introduce the iPhone 15 Ultra with a periscope lens, it needs to be a true game-changer, offering users at least 10x optical zoom instead of the typical 3x. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example, boasts a powerful camera system with a 10MP periscope telephoto lens, enabling incredibly good 10x optically zoomed images. Apple should strive to match or surpass this level of optical zoom to truly justify the “Ultra” name.

It’s Time for Faster Charging Speeds

iPhone 14 Pro Charging Image source: Joe Maring / ENBLE

Compared to its Android counterparts, the iPhone 14 series, including the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, lags behind in terms of charging speeds. Rumors strongly suggest that Apple will finally ditch the Lightning port in favor of USB-C, which could potentially bring faster charging speeds to the iPhone 15 lineup.

For instance, the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Nothing Phone 2 offer charging speeds of 45W, while the OnePlus 11 supports 80W charging in the U.S. and 100W charging internationally. These charging speeds far surpass the current capabilities of the iPhone. While it may be unrealistic to expect Apple to match these extreme charging speeds, a significant improvement from the current 30W would make the iPhone 15 Ultra a worthwhile upgrade.

Additionally, the inclusion of reverse wireless charging, a feature found in many Android phones, would be a welcome addition. Imagine being able to charge your AirPods or other compatible devices directly from your iPhone. This would bring the iPhone on par with its competitors and enhance its overall appeal.

Better, More Reliable Battery Life

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Image source: Christine Romero-Chan / ENBLE

One of the advantages of the iPhone Pro Max models over the regular iPhone Pro is better battery life. However, even the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with its larger battery capacity, is not immune to battery aging and degradation. To truly make the iPhone 15 Ultra worth the extra investment, Apple should significantly improve its battery life.

Many larger Android phones already offer batteries with capacities up to 5,000mAh, allowing for extended usage of up to two days on a single charge. If Apple can achieve similar battery performance with the iPhone 15 Ultra, it would undoubtedly enhance its appeal and justify the “Ultra” name.

More Storage Options

iPhone 14 Pro Storage Image source: Christine Romero-Chan / ENBLE

Power users, who are the primary target audience for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, require ample storage for their extensive media libraries, files, apps, and games. Apple introduced a 1TB storage option with the iPhone 13 Pro, and expanding the storage options further with the iPhone 15 Ultra would be a logical step.

To truly earn the “Ultra” title, Apple could offer a 2TB internal storage option, with 512GB as the base storage and 1TB or 2TB as the mid- and high-tier options. While the inclusion of a microSD card slot for expandable storage is unlikely, it would be a dream come true for many users. However, Apple has historically refrained from offering expandable storage on its devices, and the trend is diminishing even among Android phones.

There’s More to a Name Than Just the Name

iPhone 14 Pro Max Family Image source: Joe Maring / ENBLE

As we approach Apple’s iPhone 15 event, it’s important to remember that rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. While the resurfacing of the “Ultra” rumor adds excitement, it’s crucial for Apple to make the new flagship iPhone truly deserving of the “Ultra” name. A mere periscope lens without significant improvements would be underwhelming. If Apple is indeed planning to introduce the iPhone 15 Ultra, it should go all out and make it the best iPhone yet.

It’s worth noting that the source of this rumor, Andrew O’Hara from AppleInsider, does not have an extensive track record with Apple rumors. However, if we consider the potential benefits of an iPhone 15 Ultra, such as improved camera capabilities, faster charging speeds, better battery life, and expanded storage options, it becomes clear that Apple has an opportunity to create a truly exceptional device.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Ultra has the potential to be a game-changer if Apple can deliver on the rumored improvements. As we eagerly await Apple’s fall event, let’s hope that the iPhone 15 Ultra lives up to its name and sets a new standard for flagship smartphones.

Note: This article has been written based on rumors and speculation. The actual features and specifications of the iPhone 15 Ultra may vary.