3 Top Campus Recruitment Strategies for 2023

3 Top Campus Recruitment Strategies for 2023

Mastering Campus Hiring: Strategies for Success

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Are you excited about assessing, engaging, and hiring top freshers from the University campus this year? Well, we hope you don’t encounter any hiring hurdles along the way! As we all know, the competition for talent acquisition is getting stiffer every day. In fact, statistics from LinkedIn suggest that 63% of recruiters find themselves stuck with the talent shortage issue. Therefore, it is natural for companies to eagerly await campus hiring season to onboard new Gen-Z talents.

A recent study by Yello reveals that 70% of hiring managers intend to source their job posts with Gen-Z candidates from the campus this year. However, assessing and onboarding the new generation with old hiring practices will be the toughest nut to crack. With several of your competitor companies desperately looking for qualified freshers, it’s crucial to be well-equipped with technology and fast-paced as you dive into the campus placement assessment of young and eligible candidates.

Before you set off on your campus hiring adventure, let’s look into a comprehensive campus placement checklist:

  1. Goals of the campus talent hunt
  2. Candidate engagement strategy
  3. An experienced interview panel
  4. Early marketing of job postings for awareness
  5. Availability of tools that can assist you through the process
  6. Strategies to represent your company’s core values and culture on-campus

These are the primary goals of campus recruitment that need attention for successful on-campus hiring. Onsite recruitment is nothing less than any other business gathering, where many opportunities are coming towards you. But, to make the best out of these opportunities, you need to stand out significantly from the crowd and attract the attention of the right candidates. So, keep your cool and read through this article for campus recruitment tips and strategies about organizing a fruitful campus hiring plan.

How Do You Plan To Stand Out?

Like any other event planning, we start with the get-up! In a literal sense, it refers to the unique strategy you adopt to attract Gen-Z candidates to your job posts. Basically, this is your preparedness for the upcoming campus hiring season. As per The Future of Job Reports, 20.8% of hiring managers feel it’s challenging to cope with candidate expectations and demands. While this is a valid concern, many employers have developed various hiring strategies to overcome these challenges. Some of these strategies include:

  • Establishing a good company reputation
  • Expressing diverse ethnicity and work culture
  • Sharing the values and goals of the company with potential candidates
  • Presenting career opportunities that you can provide
  • Showcasing your organization’s hiring experience
  • Providing engaging events that represent your organization
  • Utilizing advanced tools and techniques throughout the hiring process

Recruitment Targets: Identifying And Assessing The Right Candidates?

You don’t go to a party without your glamorous partner. Then, why miss a chance here? The goal of hiring on-site is your partner in this case. A study about hiring managers reveals the top 5 recruitment goals of the 21st century:

  1. Growth in quality-of-hire (52%)
  2. Increase in retention rate (24%)
  3. Improved time-to-hire (23%)
  4. Expanded hiring pipeline (22%)
  5. Ensure diversity hiring (22%)

Fortunately, the campus hiring season covers the 4th vital point of hiring goals. And the rest of the pointers can be covered by administering Skills Assessments. How? Skills Assessments gauge the candidate’s job-specific skills and competencies that make them an unbeatable performer. These assessments also predict the possible years of retention for each candidate profile, promote diversity, and reduce considerable hiring time while keeping track of multiple candidates.

Can You Deliver The Best Candidate Experience?

In campus hiring, only attracting talent isn’t going to help. You also need an engaging hiring method so that they stay with you till the end. Otherwise, as per records, 75% of recruiters have experienced a denial of offer letters from candidates after their selection! One of the most experiential studies claims that 80-90% of candidates are likely to change their minds depending on their recruitment experience.

To better your candidates’ recruitment experience, consider the following:

  • Implement a short and transparent recruitment process
  • Utilize fun, engaging, and visual-based pre-employment tests
  • Provide constant updates on application status
  • Respond quickly to queries
  • Conduct structured interviews
  • Offer unbiased and constructive feedback
  • Present a good work culture, diversity, and inclusivity

How Can PMaps Help You?

PMaps Consultancy is a group of psychologists and IT geeks who have come together to develop competency-based pre-employment assessments. Our campus placement assessment addresses most of your concerns, from identifying job-fit candidates to a culturally adaptable workforce. Our campus intelligence solution is a one-stop-shop for all your hiring concerns.

Here are some other best pre-employment tools we offer:

  1. Language Tests: These measure your candidates based on context, comprehension, fluency, grammar, pronunciation, and solutions.
  2. Sales Assessments: These gauge sales-specific aptitude, skills, cognitive abilities, and personality traits that influence on-job performance.
  3. Customer Service Assessments: These evaluate customer-centeredness, interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, situation-based judgments, aptitude, and attention to detail of your applicants.
  4. Coding Assessments: This checks if the candidates are well-versed in coding skills, technical aptitude, and programming. It also reports their personal competencies for specialized job roles.

In the context of virtual campus recruitment, PMaps can help you in the following ways:

  • Provide insights into your candidate’s skill profile, cognitive abilities, and aptitude
  • Eliminate hiring biases by providing practical and factual insight into your applicant’s claims
  • Provide visually engaging assessments for candidates
  • Administer voice and accent assessments to ensure your future employees are well-versed in the globally comprehensible English language
  • Help you screen candidates remotely and quickly to secure top talent against your competitors
  • Enable customization of a value-based assessment to check if your candidates meet your unique employability standards
  • Assure your organization onboards a workforce rich in diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure the candidate you hire is culturally fit and ethically aligned with your organization


Campus hiring, also known as campus recruitment, can bring a large number of diligent employees into your organization. It encourages the involvement of Gen-Z candidates to contribute to the industry and learn from it. PMaps’ campus hiring solutions will help you overcome your hiring challenges and onboard top talent in minimal time! Connect with our experts through our website or email to plan your campus hiring strategies today.