3 new iOS 17 features released this week, likely unnoticed

3 new iOS 17 features released this week, likely unnoticed

iOS 17: New Features That Will Delight iPhone Users

iOS 17

The release of iOS 17 on September 18 has left iPhone users buzzing with excitement. With a range of new features, including the highly anticipated Check In, NameDrop, and Journal app, iOS 17 is set to revolutionize the user experience. But there are also a few hidden gems that you might have missed. Let’s take a closer look at three additional goodies that have been announced this week.

1. Fresh Ringtones and Text Tones

If you’re tired of Apple’s current selection of ringtones and text tones, you’ll be pleased to know that iOS 17 comes with over 20 new audio clips for you to customize your device. These new additions are longer and feature a more contemporary sound. And don’t worry, if you still prefer the old ringtones, you can easily access them under the “Classic” section. So go ahead and give your iPhone a fresh new sound.

2. Bokeh Effect for Everyone

During the iPhone 15 “Wanderlust” event, Apple showcased a fantastic new photo feature that allows you to play with the focus and depth of your subjects. This feature, known as the bokeh effect, enhances the visual appeal of your photos by creating a beautiful blur effect. Initially thought to be exclusive to iPhone 15, it has now been revealed that the bokeh effect will also be available on previous-generation iPhones through iOS 17. However, this feature is only compatible with iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 models, so owners of iPhone 12 and older devices will miss out on this particular enhancement.

3. Grid Forecast for Environmentally Conscious Users

For those who prioritize using clean energy, iOS 17 introduces a new tool called “Grid Forecast” to the Home app. This feature enables users to monitor when their power grid is generating cleaner energy. By staying informed, you can make conscious decisions about when to utilize electricity, such as charging your Tesla during periods of high availability of clean energy. This update helps you contribute to a more sustainable future while maximizing the use of green power. You can find the Grid Forecast tool in the latest version of the iOS 17 public beta.

Overall, iOS 17 is packed with exciting features that extend beyond the headline-grabbing ones. With fresh ringtones, the bokeh effect, and the Grid Forecast tool, Apple continues to enhance the user experience by offering more customization options, creative photography features, and the opportunity to support clean energy usage. So get ready to upgrade your iPhone and enjoy everything that iOS 17 has to offer!