2023’s Best Phone to Buy

2023's Best Phone to Buy

The Best Phones of 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

“The best phones you can buy in 2023 have various features in common. Lightning-fast processors offer smooth gaming experiences, vibrant, high-resolution screens make your Netflix shows look great, and top-end rear cameras let you take beautiful images you’ll want to look back on in years to come. Other phones are more cost-conscious, offering decent all-round performance at more approachable prices. But with so many phones on sale from a plethora of manufacturers – all promising to offer the best smartphone experience – it can be difficult to work out which one is actually best for your own needs.” – CNET

To simplify the decision-making process, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best phones of 2023. Each phone on this list meets the requirements for what ENBLE considers to be the best smartphones. From high-end phones packed with cutting-edge tech to budget devices under $500 and everything in between, there are plenty of worthwhile options for everyone.

What is the best phone for most people?

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, with their excellent performance and impressive cameras, are top contenders. However, if you prefer Android, the Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are equally excellent choices. These phones offer high-end performance and superb cameras. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 stands out with its foldable screen, providing a unique and immersive experience for those willing to spend a bit more.

For budget-conscious buyers, the Pixel 7A offers great specs, high-speed 5G connectivity, and a more affordable price. It’s a strong contender in the mid-range category.

Best phones of 2023

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Best iPhone you can buy
Price: $999 at Apple

Apple iPhone 14 Apple iPhone 14: Good upgrade for most people
Price: $799 at Apple

Google Pixel 7 Pro Google Pixel 7 Pro: Best value for a premium Android phone
Price: $649 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Best premium Android phone
Price: $1,200 at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23 Samsung Galaxy S23: Best small Android phone
Price: $800 at Samsung

Google Pixel 7A Google Pixel 7A: Best Android phone for $500
Price: $444 at Best Buy

Google Pixel 6 Pro Google Pixel 6 Pro: Best high-end phone at a discount
Price: $534 at Amazon

Apple iPhone 13 Apple iPhone 13: Best everyday phone
Price: $699 at Apple

OnePlus 11 OnePlus 11: High-performance flagship with a lower price
Price: $649 at OnePlus

Apple iPhone SE (2022) Apple iPhone SE (2022): Most affordable iPhone
Price: $429 at Apple

Google Pixel 6A Google Pixel 6A: Best budget Android phone
Price: $299 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Best foldable phone
Price: $900 at Samsung

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Apple iPhone 13 Mini: Best small phone
Price: $599 at Apple

Sony Xperia Pro Sony Xperia Pro: Best phone for creatives
Price: $1,998 at Walmart

How we test phones

Every phone on this list has been thoroughly tested by ENBLE’s expert reviews team. We use the phones extensively, testing their features, performance, gaming capabilities, camera quality, battery life, and more. We evaluate any marketing claims made by manufacturers and provide honest feedback on all aspects of the phones.

Our testing process involves examining the following aspects of a phone:

  • Display
  • Design and feel
  • Processor performance
  • Battery life
  • Camera quality
  • Additional features

We test all of a phone’s cameras, both front and back, in various lighting conditions. From capturing beautiful daylight images to low-light and night photography, we ensure that the cameras perform well across different scenarios. We compare our findings with similarly priced models in the market. We also conduct real-world battery tests to evaluate a phone’s longevity under normal usage patterns.

We consider additional features like 5G connectivity, fingerprint and face readers, stylus support, fast charging capabilities, and special functionalities such as foldable displays. We put all of our experiences and testing results into perspective, considering the price of each phone to provide a comprehensive assessment of their value.

Phone FAQs

What makes a good phone camera?

Today’s phones come equipped with advanced camera setups, including multiple lenses, ultrawide lenses, and telephoto zoom capabilities. Higher-end phones, like the iPhone 14 Pro, typically feature larger image sensors, high-quality lenses, and image stabilization, resulting in detailed images with vibrant colors even in challenging lighting conditions. While more expensive phones usually offer superior camera performance, many mid-range devices also provide excellent photography capabilities.

What is the best phone case?

Choosing the best phone case depends on your needs and preferences. If you prioritize style, there are plenty of cases available that offer protection with a trendy design. However, if you plan to take your smartphone on outdoor adventures, rugged cases provide enhanced durability and resistance to harsh conditions.

How long should a phone battery last?

Most smartphones, including those at the high end, should last a full day of mixed use on a single charge. This means you should have some battery remaining at the end of your day, with the need to recharge overnight.

How much storage should my phone have?

Most phones now come with a minimum of 128GB of storage, which is adequate for apps, games, and locally stored music. However, if you plan to download and play many games or store a large media library, opting for a higher-capacity version would be wise.

What makes a phone a smartphone?

Smartphones offer more functionality than traditional phones, allowing you to connect to the internet, download and use apps, and take photos and videos. They encompass the latest mobile technology and combine it with extensive features, such as touchscreens, high processing power, advanced cameras, and various connectivity options.

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When making your decision, consider your requirements, preferences, and budget to find the perfect phone that fits your lifestyle and offers an exceptional smartphone experience.