18 Tips to Extend Your iPhone 15 Battery Life

18 Tips to Extend Your iPhone 15 Battery Life

Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery Life: Tips and Tricks

Image source: MacRumors

With every new operating system release and new iPhone, there are always complaints about battery life issues. This year is no exception, as users have reported rapid battery drain following updates or new releases. But fear not! We have gathered some suggestions to help you maximize your iPhone’s battery life. Whether it’s due to new features, bugs, or increased usage, these tips will help you preserve battery on your new device.

Turn Off Live Activities

Live Activities, such as ongoing notifications on the Lock Screen or Dynamic Island, can noticeably drain the battery, especially with the improved Live Activities feature in iOS 17. To disable Live Activities, follow these steps: 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Go to Face ID & Passcode. 3. Enter your passcode to unlock the iPhone. 4. Scroll down and toggle off Live Activities.

Additionally, you can disable Live Activities on an app-by-app basis in the Settings app. Although you can’t fully disable the Dynamic Island, swiping left on any running animation will dismiss it.

Delete Lock Screen and Home Screen Widgets

Widgets have become more interactive in iOS 17, allowing you to perform actions directly from the Lock Screen. However, if you’re not using a particular widget frequently, removing it can help preserve battery life. You can easily remove widgets by customizing your Lock Screen or Home Screen settings.

Turn Off Live Voicemail

Live Voicemail is a feature that provides real-time readouts of voicemails on the Lock Screen. While it’s convenient, it can drain your battery. To disable Live Voicemail, go to Settings > Phone > Live Voicemail and toggle it off.

Turn Off Proximity AirDrop Sharing

Proximity-based AirDrop or contact transfer protocol can drain battery if triggered frequently. If you find the AirDrop interface constantly popping up when your iPhone is near another device, you may want to turn off Proximity AirDrop Sharing. To do so, go to Settings > General > AirDrop and toggle off “Bringing Devices Together.”

Take Advantage of Offline Maps

In iOS 17, you can download Apple Maps for offline usage, even if you have a cellular connection. This is helpful in areas with spotty connections, as it preserves battery life while ensuring you can still navigate. To download maps for offline usage, search for a location in Maps, tap the download button, and select the desired map area.

Disable Haptic Keyboard Feedback

Haptic feedback on the keyboard provides a satisfying typing experience, but it can drain your battery. If you don’t have battery to spare, consider turning it off. To disable haptic keyboard feedback: 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Tap on Sounds & Haptics. 3. Tap on Keyboard Feedback. 4. Toggle off Haptic.

Turn Off Always-On Display (iPhone 15 Pro)

The Always-On display on iPhone 15 Pro models shows information, even when the iPhone is locked. While it uses a low refresh rate to save battery, it still drains faster than no Always-On display. To turn it off: 1. Open the Settings app. 2. Tap on Display & Brightness. 3. Tap on Always On Display. 4. Toggle off Always On Display.

Choose Non-Animated Wallpapers

Animated wallpapers drain more battery compared to static ones. If you don’t care for animations, opt for non-animated wallpapers. This includes wallpapers like Weather, Photo Shuffle, and Astronomy, which change based on conditions or selected photos.

Use Focus Modes

Apple’s Focus option reduces the number of notifications you receive, minimizing app wake-ups and battery drain. You can customize Focus modes for work, personal time, driving, workouts, and more. By selecting which apps and people can send you notifications during each mode, you can cut down on unnecessary alerts.

Use Scheduled Summary

Scheduled Summary consolidates non-important notifications, delivering them once or twice a day. This feature helps reduce the frequency of app-generated notifications and battery drain. You can turn on Scheduled Summary for apps in the Notifications section of the Settings app.

Limit When and How Often Apps Can Access Location

Managing location settings for apps helps conserve battery life. You can limit apps’ access to your location or adjust how often they can access it. Choose “Never” or “While Using the App” for apps that don’t require continuous access.

Limit Apps Using Bluetooth

Checking which apps have Bluetooth access is essential to prevent battery drainage caused by unnecessary connections. Open the Bluetooth settings in the Privacy & Security section and disable Bluetooth access for apps that don’t require it.

Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is an excellent option for conserving battery life without tinkering with various settings. It reduces background activity, display refresh rate, email fetch, visual effects, and more. You can activate Low Power Mode from the Control Center, the Battery section in Settings, or using Siri.

Use Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode

Connecting to Wi-Fi rather than relying on cellular signal extends battery life. Ensure you connect to Wi-Fi when available, especially at home or work. Additionally, activating Airplane Mode or turning off cellular connection in areas with low signal prevents unnecessary battery drain.

Manage Apps Draining Battery

Check your iPhone’s battery usage statistics to identify apps consuming the most power. Delete any unnecessary apps that drain excessive battery or moderate your usage. You can access battery usage charts in the Battery section of the Settings app.

Adjust Screen Brightness

Lowering screen brightness conserves battery life. Use the Control Center to adjust brightness and set Auto-Lock to the shortest interval. Avoid using your iPhone in direct sunlight if possible.

Change Mail Settings

Modifying Mail settings, such as the frequency of email checks, can save battery life. Set longer intervals for checking new messages or disable push notifications for accounts that don’t require immediate alerts.

Addressing Overheating Issues

There have been reports of overheating issues, particularly on iPhone 15 Pro models. Apple released iOS 17.0.3 to address this bug and worked with app developers to ensure efficient app performance. Make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 17.0.3 to resolve any heat-related issues.

In conclusion, maximizing battery life requires finding a balance between usage and optimization. Implementing these tips and tricks will help preserve your iPhone’s battery life. Do you have any favorite battery-saving tips? Share them in the comments below!