13 Essential Tips Before Playing Starfield

13 Essential Tips Before Playing Starfield

Starfield: A Whirlwind Adventure in Space


Starfield has finally arrived and it’s already shaping up to be one of the most exciting games of 2023. Bethesda Game Studios has launched this massive space roleplaying game, which is now available on Xbox Game Pass. With over 1,000 planets to explore and hundreds of missions, Starfield offers an immersive gaming experience like no other. Having already logged more than 40 hours into the game, I wanted to share some valuable tips and insights that would have greatly benefited me when I first started.

Don’t Be a Hoarder

One of the most common mistakes players make in Starfield is grabbing everything in sight, hoping to sell or use it later. However, this can quickly lead to over-encumbrance and prevent you from fast-traveling. In the beginning, I found myself constantly weighed down by unnecessary items that didn’t fetch much credit. Considering the hefty prices of spaceships in Starfield, that trinket worth a mere 10 credits won’t make a dent. So, my advice is to be selective and only pick up items of real value.

Utilize Your Companion and Ship

If you simply can’t resist picking up every item you encounter, make use of your trusty companion as a pack mule. Ask them to trade gear with you and load them up with items you don’t need on your person. This will prevent you from being over-encumbered and allow you to fast-travel. When you reach your ship, check the display unit that shows its inventory. This is the perfect place to unload any resources you’ve gathered, as they will be available for crafting wherever you go.

Sell Your Loot

Different cities and colonies in Starfield have merchants where you can sell your collected items. However, to save time and effort, look for a Trade Authority kiosk at the respective spaceports. These yellow kiosks allow you to sell your possessions conveniently. While equipment such as space suits and weapons can fetch a good price, the bulk of your credits will come from completing missions.

Uncover the Shortcuts

Navigating the various menus in Starfield can be overwhelming, but it’s worth mastering the shortcuts. The star map is the primary menu for planning your next destination. Instead of browsing through multiple menus to find your target planet, access the list of missions and click on the active one. This will give you the option to set a course directly to the planet, saving you precious time.

Master the Art of Persuasion

One of the first skills you should learn in Starfield is Persuasion. This skill unlocks the “Persuade” dialogue option, which leads to a mini-game where you can convince NPCs to help you by, for example, handing over essential items. Mastering this ability will significantly save you time, money, and effort. As you level up, or by utilizing items that improve your persuasive abilities, it becomes even easier.

Enter The Mantis

During one of the early missions in Starfield, you will come across a note dropped by space pirates, hinting at a secret treasure. Following the clues will lead you to Denobola I-B and The Mantis, the base resembling a space-bound Batman. This mission is challenging, with high-level enemies, powerful robots, and traps. However, the reward is worth it. Completing the mission grants you a set of Mantis armor, some of the most potent equipment in the game, and the Mantis ship, capable of annihilating multiple other ships in a space battle. Additionally, the ship wards off space pirates, ensuring a safer travel experience.

Hunt Aliens for Crafting Materials

Crafting plays a crucial role in Starfield. To build your own outpost, upgrade your space suit, helmet, and pack, and develop healing items, you’ll need various materials. While some resources can be bought from merchants, you’ll have to eliminate alien lifeforms to obtain organic resources such as fiber, sealant, and nutrients. Most of these creatures pose little threat, but beware of the more fearsome monsters lurking in the depths of space.

Take a Boost

Acquiring Boost Pack Training early on is an excellent investment. With this skill, your pack gains thrusters that provide a small boost when activated while jumping. Boosting not only mitigates fall damage but also allows you to reach higher platforms, gain the upper hand against enemies, and traverse areas more swiftly. It is particularly useful for escaping from dangerous situations.

Seek Cover

While it may not be immediately apparent, Starfield includes a cover system. When you’re crouched behind an object or taking cover behind a wall, aiming your gun will allow you to peek out and shoot. Pay attention to how your character holds their weapon to determine whether you are successfully taking cover. This feature proves invaluable during intense firefights where enemies regularly make use of cover.

Personalize Your Inventory

The inventory UI in Starfield leaves much to be desired, particularly when it comes to weapons. To streamline your equipment selection, consider marking your favorite weapons. This will ensure they remain in the quick slots, allowing for easy switching between different gear. You can also add items, such as Med Packs, to the quick slots for quick access in emergency situations.

Automate Your Skills

Once you have unlocked the Lockpicking and Persuasion skills, every successful use of these skills will count towards an auto-hack or auto-persuade option. This allows you to automatically fill a lockpicking slot or make a successful dialogue choice during persuasion without any extra cost or negative consequences. Make sure to take advantage of these options whenever they become available.

Get Some Rest

Although it’s tempting to play Starfield non-stop, remember to take a nap from time to time. Sleeping provides numerous benefits, including a well-rested bonus of 10% extra experience points for the next 24 hours. Additionally, you’ll regain full health and eliminate any lingering status effects, making you ready for more thrilling adventures.

Unleash the Scanner

The hand scanner in Starfield is not only helpful for recording various lifeforms, plants, and resources during planetary explorations but also has a hidden purpose. If you have an activated quest, using the scanner will display arrows on the ground, guiding you to your next destination objective. This feature proved incredibly useful for navigating large facilities, where finding the correct pathway can be a challenge.

Equip Your Companions

While every companion in Starfield comes with their own weapons, they aren’t always the best. To optimize their combat abilities, initiate a conversation with them to trade gear. Give them the weapon of your choice, but ensure you select “Equip” once the new weapon is in their inventory. Exit the conversation to witness your companion effortlessly wielding their new firepower.

Buy Your Resources

Don’t waste time mining for metals needed for upgrades and crafting when they are incredibly cheap and readily available from almost every merchant you encounter. If you have a specific metal requirement, save yourself the trouble and simply purchase it.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X and S consoles, with prices starting at $70. You can also access the game through Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service, offering an incredible opportunity to embark on this unforgettable space journey.

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