12 essential tasks for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 | ENBLE

12 essential tasks for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 | ENBLE

Unveiling the Hidden Potential of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, often overlooked among Samsung’s flagship lineup this year, is actually a remarkable device that brings numerous improvements to its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold 4. While the aesthetics remain unchanged, Samsung has enhanced the design by introducing a smoother hinge mechanism, reducing the size of the gap along the pivot, and creating a thinner and lighter overall device. These optimizations significantly enhance the usability of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Mastering the Galaxy Z Fold 5 Experience

The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s design offers two phones in one, providing a unique user experience that is hard to match. To fully utilize the device’s capabilities, here are 12 essential features and settings you should explore:

1. Change the Navigation Bar Layout

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Navigation Bar Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

The large inner screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be challenging to navigate. By default, the three navigation buttons are placed on the right side of the display, but you can easily change their orientation to the left side. Simply go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar and adjust the button position. Additionally, consider enabling gesture navigation, similar to the navigation gestures on an iPhone, for a smooth and fluid interface experience.

2. Accomplish More with the Taskbar

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Taskbar Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 features a persistent taskbar, similar to a dock seen on tablets and PCs, which allows easy access to other apps and enables drag-and-drop functionality for split-screen views. However, the taskbar may sometimes feel intrusive when watching videos or reading e-books. To temporarily hide the taskbar, simply long-press the empty area to the right of the app icons. Note that this gesture only works when gesture navigation is enabled and when using the default launcher, One UI Home.

3. Use Multiple Apps Simultaneously with Multitasking

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Multitasking Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

Take advantage of the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s large inner display by running multiple apps simultaneously. You can open up to four apps at once, with three apps arranged in a grid and one app as a floating window. To open apps in a multi-window setup, follow these steps:

  1. Open any app in full screen.
  2. Long-press another app’s icon from the taskbar or app launcher, and the screen will split to accommodate the second app.
  3. Repeat the process to add a third app, and adjust the window sizes using the separator dots.
  4. You can also enable swipe gestures for split-screen views from the Settings menu.

Please note that not all apps support multi-window views natively, but Samsung allows you to force this view for all apps through the Labs feature in the Settings menu.

4. Save App Groups for Quick Access

Galaxy Z Fold 5 App Groups Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

If you frequently use specific app combinations, you can save app groups on the Galaxy Z Fold 5. This feature enables quick access to a set of apps without having to open them individually each time. To save an app group, tap the three-dot icon on the screen separator and select the star icon. The app group will then appear on the taskbar or home screen as a folder. To remove an app group, simply long-press on the icon and select “Remove”.

5. Customize Your Recent Apps Menu

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Recent Apps Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

To enhance the user experience on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, you can customize the Recent apps menu using Samsung’s Good Lock app. By downloading the Home Up module within Good Lock and selecting Task Changer, you can change the layout type from the default list view to a grid view. This layout improvement allows more app previews to be visible at once, making it easier to navigate through open apps.

6. Make the Most Out of Flex Mode

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Flex Mode Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s flexible screen allows it to stay open at different angles, offering unique applications. Flex Mode is one such feature that allows you to partially fold the device and use specific controls in the lower half of the screen. This setup is especially useful for stable photos, videos, and video calls. By enabling Flex Mode panels in the Settings menu, you can extend this feature to other apps as well.

7. Continue Using Apps on the Outer Screen

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Outer Screen Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

When interacting with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 from the outer display, you can seamlessly transition to the inner display without reloading the app. However, when closing the device, the app typically restarts. To allow apps to continue on the outer screen and prevent reloading, go to Settings > Display > Continue apps on cover screen and select the desired apps.

8. Fully Utilize the Large Display

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Full Screen Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

Although many apps are optimized for larger screens on the Galaxy Z Fold 5, some may not occupy the entire display, resulting in blank spaces on the sides. To force these apps to open in full-screen mode, go to Settings > Display > Full screen apps and adjust the aspect ratio for each app. Additionally, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 offers a two-column view for messaging apps and the Settings app, allowing for efficient use of screen space.

9. Use the Cover Screen for High-Resolution Selfies

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Cover Screen Tushar Mehta / ENBLE

The cover screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be utilized for high-quality selfies using the primary 50MP camera. Simply open the camera app and tap the rightmost icon in the top bar to switch the viewfinder from the inner display to the cover screen. This enables you to capture crisp and focused selfies with ease.

10. Set Wallpapers for Both Screens

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Dual Wallpapers Andy Boxall / ENBLE

With the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s dual-screen setup, you can customize wallpapers for both the outer and inner displays. The home screen and lock screen wallpapers you set will be limited to the screen they are set on and will not automatically adapt to the other screen. However, if you prefer to have the same layout on both screens, you can enable “Cover screen mirroring” in the Settings menu. This duplicates the outer screen’s layout on the inner screen.

11. Customize the Keyboard

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Keyboard Typing on the open screen Andy Boxall / ENBLE

Typing on the large inner display of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be challenging. To make the experience more comfortable, the Samsung keyboard app offers a split-screen keyboard option. This allows you to type with two hands, reducing the risk of dropping the foldable device. You can also customize the size and position of the keyboard halves for portrait and landscape orientations. Alternatively, Google’s Gboard app provides a split keyboard mode with customizable theming options.

12. Protect Your Galaxy Z Fold 5 with a Case

Galaxy Z Fold 5 with Case Galaxy Z Fold 5 and S Pen case Andy Boxall/Digital Trends / ENBLE

Given the significant investment in the Galaxy Z Fold 5, it’s essential to protect it from accidental damages. Samsung offers an official S Pen case specifically designed for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, providing both protection and a dedicated slot for the S Pen. This case not only safeguards your foldable phone but also enhances your productivity.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 may appear deceptively similar to its predecessor, but beneath the surface lies a wealth of unique features and optimizations. By exploring and mastering these settings, you can fully unlock the potential of this remarkable device and enjoy an unrivaled smartphone experience.