$10B+ deposited in Apple Card savings accounts

$10B+ deposited in Apple Card savings accounts

Apple Card Savings Accounts Reach Milestone of $10 Billion

Apple Card Savings Account

Apple Card holders have collectively deposited over $10 billion into their Apple Card Savings accounts since the launch of the feature four months ago. This impressive milestone showcases the popularity and success of Apple’s latest financial offering. It’s no surprise considering the attractive benefits that come with the Savings accounts.

Savings Account Success

The Savings accounts were introduced by Apple in April, and they have since gained traction among Apple Card users. A notable 97 percent of customers have opted to have their Apple Card Daily Cash automatically deposited into these accounts. This not only supports the ease of saving money but also enhances the user experience.

Apple’s Vice President of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, Jennifer Bailey, emphasized the company’s commitment to improving users’ financial well-being with their innovative financial products. In her statement, she said, “With no fees, no minimum deposits, and no minimum balance requirements, Savings provides an easy way for users to save money every day.”

The positive response from both new and existing Apple Card customers reflects the appeal and convenience of the Savings accounts. Users appreciate the transparency and simplicity that Apple brings to their financial tools.

Goldman Sachs’ Satisfaction

Goldman Sachs, the financial institution partnering with Apple on the Apple Card, expressed their satisfaction with the success of the Savings accounts. Despite recent reports indicating a strained relationship between Goldman Sachs and Apple, the former’s Head of Enterprise Partnerships stated that they are “very pleased” with the Savings account progress.

The Apple Card – Goldman Sachs Partnership

The Apple Card, a credit card that integrates deeply with iPhone devices, has been exclusively available to US customers. Consequently, the associated Savings accounts are also exclusive to the US market, limiting their availability to international Apple users.

Rumors have lately suggested that Goldman Sachs is seeking to sever ties with Apple due to financial dissatisfaction and difficulties in managing customer service. Dissatisfaction reportedly stems from the Savings account in particular, as initial customers experienced extended wait times when attempting to withdraw money.

Nevertheless, finding an alternative partner willing to take over Goldman Sachs’ arrangement with Apple has proven challenging. The Apple Card lacks fees, making it less attractive to other institutions. As such, Goldman Sachs and Apple may need to renegotiate terms or find creative solutions to ensure the continued viability of this partnership.


The achievement of Apple Card Savings accounts surpassing $10 billion in deposits within four months is a testament to the appeal and effectiveness of Apple’s approach to personal finance. By prioritizing users’ financial health and offering no fees or minimum balance requirements, Apple has made saving money simpler and more enjoyable for its customers.

The partnership between Apple and Goldman Sachs may be facing challenges, but the positive response from Apple Card users demonstrates the value that this collaboration brings. As both companies navigate the future of their financial services, they will likely find ways to ensure their offerings remain innovative and user-friendly.