10 key highlights from Samsung Unpacked 2023 | ENBLE

10 key highlights from Samsung Unpacked 2023 | ENBLE

Samsung Unpacked Event Unveils Exciting Upgrades and Surprises

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event Image source: Andrew Martonik / ENBLE

Samsung’s midyear Unpacked event has just concluded, and it featured a dazzling array of new foldable and wearable announcements. Among the highlights were the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, as well as the new Galaxy Tab S9 lineup and the return of the beloved Galaxy Watch Classic style. Although the upgrades over last year’s models may be more iterative, Samsung didn’t fail to surprise us with some exciting new features.

Galaxy Z Flip 5: A Storage Boost

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Image source: Joe Maring/Digital Trends / ENBLE

Last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 disappointed some with its 128GB storage capacity. However, Samsung has taken notes from its Galaxy S23 series and now offers a generous 256GB entry-level storage option for the Galaxy Z Flip 5. While the RAM remains at 8GB, the elimination of the lower storage tier is a welcome improvement. There is also a 512GB variant available, although no SD card expansion is offered. With this storage boost, most Flip owners will find their storage needs comfortably met.

The End of the Flip’s Bespoke Edition

Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bespoke Edition Image source: Samsung / Samsung

One of the highlights of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was its customization options through the Bespoke studio, offering over 70 color combinations. Unfortunately, this level of customization does not carry over to the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Instead, it is only available in single-tone colors. However, there is still a range of eight colors to choose from, including mint, graphite, cream, and lavender for general availability, and exclusive gray, blue, green, and yellow for those ordering directly from Samsung’s website.

A Gorgeous New Cover Screen for the Flip

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Image source: Joe Maring/Digital Trends / ENBLE

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 now features a stunning 3.4-inch 60Hz AMOLED panel on its cover, a significant improvement over its predecessor’s tiny display. While this new cover screen allows for more information to be displayed, it comes with some limitations. Out of the box, only a few select apps, such as Google Messages, Samsung Messages, WhatsApp, Google Maps, YouTube, and Netflix, are compatible with the cover screen. However, with the Samsung Good Lock app and the separate “cover screen launcher,” users can customize the apps displayed on the cover screen, opening up more possibilities for personalization.

Finally, Flat Folds with the Fold 5 and Flip 5

Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 Image source: Joe Maring/Digital Trends / ENBLE

One of the long-awaited improvements is the “Flex Hinge” design, which allows the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 to fold flat. This radical enhancement eliminates the unsightly gap that was present in previous models when closed. It brings Samsung foldables in line with competitors like the Google Pixel Fold and the Motorola Razr Plus, which also fold completely shut. Despite the flat fold, the durability remains impressive, with both devices still rated for 200,000 folds according to Samsung’s internal testing.

The Crease Persists

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Image source: Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends / ENBLE

While Samsung has made significant advancements in foldable technology, it has yet to overcome the crease on its flexible OLED panels. With the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, Samsung admits that no significant improvements have been made in this area since previous models. Although the crease hasn’t disappeared, it is a tradeoff for the unique and versatile form factor that foldable smartphones provide.

A Brighter Display on the Galaxy Z Fold 5

Galaxy Z Fold 5 Image source: Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends / ENBLE

Samsung has enhanced the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s screen brightness, delivering a significant improvement over its predecessor. With a peak brightness of 1,750 nits, a nearly 50% increase from the Fold 4’s 1,200 nits, users can enjoy a more vibrant and visible display. This improvement puts the Fold 5 on par with Samsung’s other flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and positions it competitively against the Google Pixel Fold.

A Slimmer S Pen and Vibrant Case

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with S Pen Case Image source: Andy Boxall/Digital Trends / ENBLE

Accompanying the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is the new S Pen Fold Edition, described as Samsung’s slimmest yet. Although the S Pen is still sold separately, Samsung has addressed the issue of storage by introducing the Slim S-pen Case. This case not only provides a storage solution but also adds minimal bulk compared to previous options. Additionally, with the Slim S-pen Case, users can enjoy fun colors matching their stylus, including Icy Blue, Sand, and Graphite.

The Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Stays

Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Image source: Andrew Martonik/Digital Trends / ENBLE

Samsung has embraced the massive tablet form factor with the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, signaling that last year’s Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra was not a one-off. This year, it joins the Galaxy Tab S9 lineup, offering color options of graphite and beige. While not the most exciting colors, the beige tone brings a warmer and more neutral option compared to the previous silver variant.

The Return of the Galaxy Watch Classic

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Image source: Andy Boxall/Digital Trends / ENBLE

Fans of the classic smartwatch design will rejoice at the return of the Galaxy Watch Classic. This new model, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, brings sleek refinements to the design, including a smaller rotating bezel that blends in seamlessly. The metallic sheen has been toned down, resulting in an overall more understated and elegant look. With limited color options of black and silver, Samsung sticks to classic finishes for this classic design.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Stays for Adventurers

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Image source: Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (left) and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Andy Boxall/Digital Trends / ENBLE

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, known for its rugged and outdoorsy features, remains available alongside the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Samsung plans to offer a software update for the Watch 5 Pro, introducing more hiking and trail navigation features. While some may see this as a response to the upcoming Apple Watch features, these enhancements will be welcomed by those seeking a companion for their wilderness adventures. This also sparks speculation about an alternating-year cycle for the Classic and Pro models.

In conclusion, Samsung once again wowed us with its Unpacked event, delivering exciting upgrades and surprises. From improved storage options and stunning displays to smarter hinges and fashionable design choices, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, and Galaxy Watch Classic and Pro offer something for everyone. With Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation, the future of mobile technology and wearables looks brighter than ever.